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Web technology is a collective name for technology primarily for the World Wide Web. This does; however, tend to focus more specifically towards technology that aides in the creation, maintenance and development of web-based applications. From a developer’s point of view, these are things like languages and frameworks, data storage mechanisms, services and products to allow us to create platforms and applications for the web.
Web technology refers to the means by which computers communicate with each other using markup languages and multimedia packages. It gives us a way to interact with hosted information, like websites. Web technology involves the use of hypertext markup language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS).
More control on the learning process by the learners themselves.
More focus on the learning part, trading with a lesser weight on the teaching part. Increased importance of the learning process, with decreased (relative) importance of the content in the syllabus. Opening of the formal learning processes towards scenarios belonging to the scope of non-formal learning and, especially, of informal learning. Dramatic increase of the learning resources (content, experts, tools) at the learners’ reach.
Merging (and confusion) of the different areas of life: learning, professional, personal, leisure.
They demand high (or highest) digital competences. These are a must to make the best of social web technologies and an important barrier of entrance. They require certain knowledge in identifying one’s training and educational needs and being able to formulate them as such. They require a certain capacity to design (autonomous) learning strategies. Abundance of resources implies that filtering becomes necessary and, thus, filtering competences are important. Even with the appropriate filtering competences, noise and distraction will happen. Merging (and confusion) of the different areas of life: learning, professional, personal, leisure (indeed, this is a double edged sword).
WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF WEB TECHNOLOGY? According to me, JavaScript is the clear winner and it is the future of web technology. It has become more feasible to use JavaScript for web development. Node.js removes the need to switch between JavaScript on browsers and some other language on server-side thereby making it easy for web developers. Any web development company prefers to use JavaScript as it is compatible across all browsers and also lessens their work as a single language can be used to develop a complete website. Therefore, the utilities of JavaScript are very high and hence it seems to be the future of web development.
Future of Web Technology might have been asked in different context as Advancement of Web Technology in future, as the earlier gives negative meanings to Web Technology as how it will survive in future. To be clear, there is no ending for the Web Technology and it will keep growing as now. Earlier it was HTML and now it is HTML5 which is also used for Mobile Apps Development. We have a bunch of new languages coming in like Node.js, Angular.js which are even used to build enterprise level applications. You can even visually see how the Facebook of 2007 and current looks like. That is the power of Web. Being a web developer will always keep you committed for sure now and even in future. :)

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