Why identity verification needs to be a part of your digital transformation strategy

in #technology3 years ago

Barbara Streisand!
Your slave masters want your trust...really? They've shown and explained to all who are paying attention, what they're doing (all in plain site):
First, why do you think it is you cannot remove the power or completely turn these devices off? Hmm...
Second, they've a SIM card which simply and uniquely identifies the connected device from all the other billions of devices. Okay...
Third, they want you to 'accept' a better way for them to 'digitally' verify the identify of the individual handling the device which has nothing to do with securing the device, but can if it'll make you feel better. See it? D'oh!
Realize these are tracking/recording devices connected to a surveillance network unimagined, which is is job #1. This action above and beyond your use, and doesn't have a thing to do with your "experience" using the device or the apps and services utilized.
This 'transformation strategy' they speak, is an effort to normalize more complete surveillance and migrate the herd to their coming thorough surveillance platform (i.e., IoT w/5G). GAME OVER!

"Digital identity verification is an unsung hero in an organization’s digital transformation strategy because companies must verify that a person’s digital identity matches their physical identity when conducting business online."