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The world economy is going through a process of constant and growing change, that is no secret to anyone. And it's with the change in policies, inputs, and natural resources increasingly scarce, that the foreign exchange system has had to change and adapt to new options, all this in order to be more viable, more functional.

That is why looking for solutions, multiple alternatives have been created, such as the unification of the currency like the Euro or the implementation of the same currency in different countries of other continents (the dollar), all this with the idea of ​​globalizing and centralize resources to make a considerable reduction of these.

However, this whole system has, to put it in some way, its expiration date, and that is why it is necessary to implement other methods that allow an alternative to survive and grow, which is why the creation of cryptocurrencies is here to stay , since it is precisely the system that the world economic system was waiting for, to change its operation and lay new foundations that allow, by digital means, to create a stable economic system free of the use of natural and artificial physical resources that are increasingly less.

It is at this moment, when a system is needed that helps to organize these new economic trends, that allow to create an order in the increasingly wide network of the so-called "cryptocurrencies", since new currencies are being created for multiple uses and Your system should be checked and above all things safe, so that people can thus trust and give an adequate and viable use, but there are multiple problems even.

One of the most frequent problems is based on the fact that the common user and investor who has time, or those who are starting within the world of cryptocurrency, have difficulties when it comes to organizing within this system, since there are so many different types of currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, among many others, require multiple virtual wallet systems and resources by means of which these entrepreneurs may feel confused and even have losses within their income either by the lack of security, or because they simply could not maintain an order within their economy of cryptos, which takes away the motivation and confidence in investing in this world of digital economy.

And that's when he appears then, our hero: Caspian.



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As we already mentioned, in the modern world, cryptocurrencies are taking more and more ground, which is why it is necessary to obtain a system that allows their organized and always updated use, which allows one or several digital currencies to be handled at the same time, without having to go from one specific wallet to another, without the need to go scoring innumerable and infinite amount of passwords and keywords, and giving the assurance that each transaction is being done in the best way possible, leaving a reliable record and that is updated at every moment, This is just the beginning, of what the Caspian service offers.

Caspian is a digital platform that has a very important mission: the organization of cryptocurrencies for optimal use, thanks to the implementation of a system of tools specifically designed so that the user can interact and monitor all their transactions, their income and their investments within of the cryptographic space.

It works with a mixture of the systems of Tora Trading Services Limited and Kenetic Trading Systems Limited (the first is a technological system that is based on the global information cloud, and the second is an investor that has its blockchain and cryptocurrency system established and firm.


Its algorithm work is so complex, that it allows the user a series of very beneficial possibilities that help the general exchange and complete registration and monitoring of their accounts and their virtual currencies, all at the same time, since the user will always be able to access your data from the platform and be aware of your earnings.


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Caspian offers a series of benefits, which we will point out here, and which help globally to turn it into the best virtual wallet service that currently exists within the cryptocurrency system.

Being the center of all the information that circulates through the whole system of the internet, the cloud is considered as the brain, the base point, the checkpoint of all types of information that we need or that even exists within the large digital network worldwide. This is why Caspian relies on it to enable a system of easy access to information, and that it provides all the information to the user about their information systems, so that the wallet can work optimally, always updated.

The Interfaces.
The problem with many interfaces, is that by being so changeable, they create load times that are often considered as a nuisance for the user as they lose track of what they are doing and each step they must take and take them to another window , or even being in the same, it becomes tedious to have to wait for it to be fully loaded or reproduced correctly.

This is something that does not happen with Caspian, since it presents a single interface, capable of speeding up each transaction since the entire main process can be carried out in a single interface, which makes the experience much more pleasant and direct, issue that represents a total advantage for companies that require the use of multiple transactions or exchanges at the same time.

The definitive software.
With its various security systems (of which we will discuss later) and taking into account all the details regarding the monitoring and registration of all transactions made by the user, Caspian offers what has been software that covers all the "Blind spots" would have a person who normally handles multiple wallets and seeks to make transactions from all of them, because among other things, the system makes a predictive record for before, during, and after each exchange process, and makes lists of diverse functions, including the restrictions that a currency has, or the analysis of the market in general of the same, as it influences his process specifically or globally for his company, etc.

All available Resources, works.
One of the biggest concerns that a person wants to use a new system, is the restriction as to whether your device, whether mobile or not, can serve to make the performance optimal in each case (for example having a PC that work correctly with the application in question) and that is why the Caspian system gets a plus in its favor, since its software is one that is designed to simply operate on any platform and at a low cost, which practically prevents the device in which this problem is executed, and making this application and this project, the ideal for entrepreneurs and investors in general of cryptocurrencies.

It is by means of these systems that we see how Caspian works in general terms, but, what if we inquire a little more?
And it is that Caspian works by means of three main applications: OEMS (Order Execution Management System) PMS (Portfolio Management System) and RMS (Risk Management System)


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Everything that is in order will always be something more suitable, and more viable, the final choice. Whether for a proposal, for a room, for whatever, order is fundamental, and this is why Caspian takes great pains and shows us a system that moves and works from that word, from order and seeking order.

The OEMS presents a series of applications that make the user's journey a totally ordered experience, with each application and each function in its respective place and with its limits and well-defined characteristics.

Here is a video that explains a bit of what this function is about.

As we can see, OEMS will allow the user to have full control of their transactions and changes within the server and the Caspian interface, giving them the power to make changes when they have it, all this under the TORA system.

Working on the same server serves above all to eliminate the problem of having to use multiple exchange connections: Caspian accesses and organizes all available accounts, giving a new element of practical work to make exchanges and do business that require the use of multiple platforms

Being able to apply this function without a limit as to where or to which entity or specific company is allowed to be established, gives Caspian extra points in terms of viability and functionality, since it breaks the barriers in terms of management and cryptocurrency processes with its commercial technology specifically designed for it.

And also, one of the best functions, which is to be able to make multiple transactions at once, thus saving a significant amount of time, and making each process much more efficient and faster, which undoubtedly represents a great advantage.


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Emphasizing the last point above, one of Caspian's greatest strengths is the ability to integrate all the functions and data of each person in a single data bank, since through its software, it is able to track each transaction and income, each change and every configuration that the user makes, everything is under control and always organized.

Using systems as simple as using windows, which can be moved from one place to another, drag, modify, etc., a user can easily check several of their wallets at the same time, creating a totally effective and practical system that will It also gives control over all its operations at the same time and updated in real time, essential tools to give security in the service and in the process of exchange, purchase or sale of the currency that the user wants to negotiate at the moment.


That each registration is done in real time is not an obligation either, since the user may not be looking at their wallets all the time and this is why the PMS also keeps the information of each transaction in a completely safe history and that ensures through the blockchain system a list of totally safe and satisfactory data, in which the user can verify the data of their exchange with total security and at the maximum possible level of information details.

Here is an explanatory video of the PMS:

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Caspian's maintains a security system at the highest possible level, which gives the user different types of security access and that require in each case, to be implemented from what can be modified, to what can not be modified at all.


We are talking about the Warning Limits systems.

Warning limit
If the user breaches a regulation, either as a seller or as a buyer, this function will be activated, which, as the name implies, is a warning that suggests that a rule is about to be broken, therefore certain steps to return everything to normal.

Approval limit
This requires the supervisor to enter a password to void the compliance alert, in the event that the previous case has finally been confirmed and rejected, all to ensure that things can work correctly once more.

Absolute limit
The absolute limit is a limit that can not be canceled in any way, as a result of a greater fault incurred by the user and that remains in a permanent record, thus ensuring the security tools and giving the user the final ultimatum.

Each transaction belongs to a single registry and with its risky systems they promote the organization and the visual of the wallet of a company with total security without changes from one portfolio to another, all this is achieved with the technology that Caspian's offers the user, a state-of-the-art and secure technology that makes this the leading management service within the blockchain.


Caspian tt7.png

It is important to know that as a blockchain system that is, Caspian's also presents its own currency resources, which will serve to make multiple transactions within the page, and in this case it is the CSP.

This ensures that Caspian's presents a round and totally reliable service that allows the user to receive benefits to the extent that he is completing achievements (if you want to see what it is, go to this page) that is why its use is not not bad at all because of all of them, you end up obtaining profits that can later be exchanged for other services, and so on; a whole new system of economy and for the economy.


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Caspian's undoubtedly appears as the alternative that many companies worldwide were needing, since its management system fits perfectly to the profile of many companies and users in general, who have started or even have been in the cryptocurrency world for some time now. They have had to do a thousand things to maintain a sense of order, which in the end does not end up being very strong or secure, and what better than to have now a system that allows you to give that word a real meaning.

Caspian's has everything an entrepreneur and beneficiary of a company that works with cryptos needs, an ordered system, addressed to the user and that may seem a bit more complicated, but really it is very simple and intuitive at the time of being managed.

New technologies need means that allow them to develop better, and with one as direct as Caspian's is, it is very difficult not to be considered in some years as a fundamental basis for what is being the world economy, and a reliable system that allow its users to manage within their digital wallets with order and easy access, the administrative future has already arrived.


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