Mechine step learning

in technology •  2 years ago 

This year, we saw you a rare peek behind the machine-learning curtain, and, sadly, what we saw wasn't that inspiring. Sure, some developments gave us cause for cautious optimism, but it was the missteps that really defined 2016

artificial intelligence was called out for being both homophobic and sexist, and people began to realize that computers can inherit — and amplify — the biases of the people they seek to replace.

But there is some hope. People started to realize the importance of building ethics into AI, and the well-publicized blunders of 2016could provide a cautionary roadmap for moving forward. TMPDOODLE1530905398250.jpg

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@engineersattar I don't think AI will be able to think it self ever. But AI will be use for day to day activities.

Ok bro