Use Your favourite dowload manager to download torrent file anonymously

in #technology6 years ago (edited)

Perfect recipe for anonymous torrent downloads real quick and easy.

What we need

  1. A VPN app to get access to Torrent sites. In my country, many torrent sites are blocked. Torent is not only for illegal downloads but many legal software and videos are available for download via torrent as well. I prefer Nord VPN for anonymity. It is available for almost all platforms with some good servers. P2P is allowed. BTW, we will use a torrent leecher web service.

  2. A download manager, I prefer Internet Dowload Manager for Windows and Advanced Download Manager
    (buy Pro for ad free experience) for Android.

  3. An account in Torrent Leecher site like Zbigz
    , the premium service is good but has some cost. If the file size is not too big then
    also provides good speed and 2GB storage to start with for free.


The 1-2-3 of the process:

  1. Connect to VPN, for anonymous connection and access to Torrent site.
  2. Copy the magnet link of the torrent file from the site. Add the link to seedr or zbigz.
  3. Once the caching process is complete, the file can be downloaded as usual. Use the download manager of your choice to download it at maximum speed.




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