OnePlus TV - The remote has already been revealed

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Many have already heard that OnePlus is working on a TV. It may seem a bit unusual, but OnePlus says it will optimize android for tvs.

The CEO Pete Lau tweeted a picture of the remote as a publicity stunt.
OnePlus has always been very effective in promoting their products, building a lot of hype before the release.

With the OnePlus TV the Story is no different. A lot of details have already leaked and now there's even a picture of the remote out there.

The release is planed for sometime this month.

You can find more information over here:
Or here

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Wow! This is freeky cool and portable...

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The remote is pretty portable, but I don't know about the TV itself :)

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Really cool!

I can't help to ask myself: why the downvotes?

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