Graphene Makes Its Way To Motorcycle Helmets

in technology •  2 years ago

One of the most important pieces of gear for any motorcycle rider, is going to be their helmet. And there are thousands of low-quality novelty helmets out there on the market, that are linked with a number of motorcycle crash accidents. It is important for riders to invest in a quality helmet if they want to protect themselves. And it can easily cost them hundreds of dollars.

And now graphene is going to be making its way into the space, with the introduction of a graphene bike helmet.

Over 18+ months, Italian luxury brand Momodesign, has been working along with the Italian Institute of Technology's; specifically with their Graphene Labs division. Together, the two have managed to create a motorcycle helmet using the revolutionary graphene material.

They implemented the graphene by spraying-on a coating of graphene flakes onto the exterior surface of the helmet.

This process of spraying the graphene flakes onto the helemets takes place at a manufacturing plant that is located in Northern Italy. Momodesign is a luxury design company and when it comes to their specialty in the marketplace, they happen to specialize in motorcycle helmets.

With graphene being said to be about 200 times stronger than steel, the graphene flakes that are sprayed onto the outer shell of the helmet are able to boost the strength of the helmet overall. It makes it better able to distribute the force from any impact across a wider surface area.

The graphene also helps to create a more enjoyable rider experience by working as an efficient thermal conductor.

For now, it's said that about 3,000 helmets have been created as part of an initial first run and the helmet will be ready for sale at the end of this year.

Those who want to obtain one for themselves will be looking to spend about $260 US for one.

Graphene continues to explode in popularity throughout the marketplace, as it is one of the most remarkable substances ever discovered.

We could see the implementation of this material in everything from helmets to speakers, phones, planes, medical equipment, and much more.

There is current research in areas of light processing, sensors, energy, medicine, and more. This is one very lucrative area in the market and it's only going to grow well into the future.


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Good, this will help keep riders safer.