Messenger Kids: the controversial Facebook chat for children under 13

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 In the middle of a virtual environment where the vulnerability is to the agenda, the new Facebook bet consists in coming to the smallest. 

 To affirm that nothing escapes of Facebook had never been so true. The monstrous network that was born less than 15 years ago has transformed the world from the explosion of Big Data with consequences of such a masividad that we still do not manage to discern completely: from the entertainment and the hypersegmented publicity, up to the false news, the filter bubble and the cybernetic alertness, all aspects that cross our existence and the conditions in which this one develops. 

 Half a year after Facebook was making public the plan of Building 8 (the secret division of technology of top of the team of Zuckerberg) to create a pair of devices to read the mind and to listen with the skin, the following step of the technological company seems less spectacular, but it promises to extend to unsuspected horizons the omnipotence of the network. 

 The new bet of the monster of Big Data is simple: to do presence in the only sector that still does not join two billion users who at present use its services; the smallest. Although the company led by Mark Zuckerberg makes sure that the app talks each other of an experience “free of ads”, it is a question of the door of entry of the social network to normalize its use between age minors. 

"Messenger Kids is a free video call and messaging app designed so that children can connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone», says the official statement. «They can only connect with contacts approved by their parents, creating a controlled environment. Group video calls or face-to-face with your loved ones are more fun with interactive filters, reactions and sound effects." 

 The topic is even more sensitive when it is a question of children, the most exposed to the endless number of dangers that contains the network; nevertheless, Facebook assures to have all low control with a scheme in which the account will depend entirely on the tutor of the minors: "The parents have the entire control of its list of contacts and decide who can get in touch with the children. The messages do not disappear and cannot hide in case the parents want to check it». 

 The infantile accounts are not related to Facebook or Messenger, only they work for Messenger Kids and are administered from the standard account of an adult in the social network, who acts as a father or guard and has entire access to all the movements of its son. 

 Facebook makes sure that this app «is created cradle on the feedback of parents and mothers that look for a surer way of getting connected for its children at the time that they learn to communicate on line». For the time being, Messenger Kids only is available for iOS; nevertheless, Facebook hopes to throw to the briefness the versions for Android and Amazon Fire. 

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Mobile phones use microwaves. Search it. Why these microwaves are safe? Because we onlyrasire the Watt per kilogram, only measure how much the brain is warmed up. There is no DNA damage. Is there? Just wait. Your children test it.


Good same is unconventional for a child, thanks for the comment, Greetings :D