Some techniques to speed up pen drive

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Pen Drive or USB FlashDrive can transfer information from one computer to another computer. Pendrive speed decreases with regular use. Why Speed ​​of Pen Drive, and what is the strategy to increase? These are highlighted-

That's the reason for slowing down

The speed of transmitting data on the pen drive and the regular usage of the pen drive continues steadily. Reduced speed considering the kind of information being sent. Again, depending on the USB port and pen drive version of the computer, the data goes slowly or faster.

How to speed up

File System Change: The NTFS file system is used to transfer all operating system files from Windows XP to the next. If the file system of your pen drive is from the previous system of the fat system, then the data transfer will be slow. Put pen drive on USB port. Then right-click on the pen and click on Format. Select NTFS from File System. Uncheck the Quick Format in the Format option. Wait a while by clicking Start. This can take longer to format pendrive in this way.

Dix Problems: Problems may have trouble transferring information to Pen Drive such as a computer's hard drive. If the disk is scanned, the data will be moved faster. For this, right-click on the pen drive and click Properties. Then click on the Tools tab. Click the check now button again. Automatically tick the Start button to check fix system errors and Scan for and try recovery of bad sectors. It will take more time to complete this task.

Format: Many users have formatted every time before using PenDive to accelerate data transfer. This is quite a lot of work. But according to many technicians, due to formatting frequently, PenDrive may lose its performance. Regarding the rules carefully and formatting two or three times per month, data transfer will be faster on pen drive

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