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RE: [ENG] Aerial-Italy 🛩 🎥🕹- DJi Tello Review

Good quality review. I've been thinking about getting a drone. Step up my youtube videos a bit. I agree that starting with a cheap one is probably a good idea until I get good at flying, but I don't want poor quality footage either. I wonder if I could get a cheap one, but then just hook my GoPro on it? Instead of using the cheaper camera? But the weight of the GoPro might effect the flying, so... I don't know. lol!


Hey @derekrichardson, thanks so much for your comment.
I wouldn't suggest for a GoPro on top, for two reasons: stability of footage and extra weight carried around.
You could try correct the first with post-processing, like FCPX filters, yet you would get insanely bad images. On the second one, the drone could act really weird on some maneuvers, isn't really worth the risk.
Start with a Tello, trust me. You can just resell when you are confident enough and step up your game!