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Nasa announces that it is realizing a project to divert an asteroid that takes direction of collision with the earth according to them this to be forewarned in case this is a reality since it is a real real threat now a question arises why nasa wants to undertake A project of these dimensions so expensive now good arises another question that knows nasa that we do not know to undertake a project of this nature is extra dimensioned this project I imagine that they must have a privileged information the idea of ​​nasa is to send a satellite to said asteroid To deviate it from the orbit of collision thus causing the impact to generate or remove a series of gases that impel it to leave this orbit of collision with the earth it is assumed that this satellite carries an explosive charge or I would not believe Which must carry an explosive of lato performance or a nuclear charge the effect that causes said shock is the so-called kinetic impact inc Luso created a division that is called planetary defense this indicates that they took very seriously this project and the idea of ​​the impact of the asteroid with the planet this mission was announced on June 30 curious why these days is of the asteroids in the announcement nasa Asked that this threat is real and that we must prepare bone that none of this is false or to generate panic since it is feared that in a few years will arrive said asteroid to good earth the satellite of this project will be tested with 2 asteroids are 2 twin asteroids Are called DIVIMOS these asteroids one measures 780 meters and the other 160 meters of length the idea is to hit in one of them to modify its orbit in such a way that the other continues to be able to measure which is the curve of deviation the speed of impact of the DART probe is 6km / s but it is 9 times more than the speed of a bullet the test will do in the year 2024 or that until the years 2024 nothing happened we can all be calm nasa dice That their studies are very conclusive and are confident that the DART probe is sufficient to divert this asteroid killer is more have been detected 439 objects in course to the ground the NEOWISE project detected 79 asteroids that would say to the earth is but in order of this 2017 there is an asteroid that passes very close to the planet and with the creation of the new planetary defense division I wonder if there is something that would hit the good earth my humble opinion is that if something really big hit the earth which would bring about the end Of the life on earth totally or partially of course the nasa has privileged information that confirms this postulate but as one of the evangelists said that "FOR YOUR ACTS YOU WILL KNOW THEM" precisely because of the acts of nasa with this project we can foresee that it is the reality Of the fact or what will happen on our planet besides that there are some signs we could see the ex-president Obama urging the ge To prepare for a threat that would come from space even in Germany, the government produced a brochure recommending that people prepare for these events concerning a threat from space, indicating that they should be supplied with water and minimum food for 2 weeks ok Good for today I leave here not if before leave the links of the pages of the nasa where is the project dart and the planetary defense project and so you can verify what I tell you here thanks for reading me I hope your comments

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