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images.jpgIf I asked you what operating system you use on your mobile? Almost certainly I would say android or ios but your answer 7 years ago would be very different since in that era there were many operating systems for your mobile today we will talk about some of these we started.
WEBOS: this was to say that the 'first to emerge and that given many bumps to exist is based on Linux and if it still exists today although no longer on cell phones only on Smart TVs of the South Korean brand LG was characterized by the Novelty that implemented in the cell phones their screens were like letters was very striking for the time and even today this is how you can see on these televisions the same graphics you see as the screens type letters was also the first operating system that updated wirelessly and had services on the cloud.
KIN: Microsoft has struggled a lot with this mobile operating system and although many do not know it is about to be the queen of mobile operating systems along with a multimedia developer company focused this system to social implementation to bone social networks that in The time only reigns Facebook but unfortunately was not successful for various reasons one of them was its graphical interface was not striking enough the terminals kin one and kin shue were their only two mobile terminals.
BADA: according to experts is the great alternative for android and ois was developed by Samsung the company invested a lot of time in aligning the platform with a virtual store of its own that if it had very good applications to download further development special plugins that left it as an operating system Very interesting since you could create plugins and mark it on your cell phone.
SYMBIAN: from here is taken for granted as the start of smartphones Nokia ended up developing this operating system alone after its partners abandoned the project but it must be said that it had very good terminals like 808 this is the last symbian then Of 2014 Microsoft bought the franchise Nokia and good stopped to exist in these phones it is necessary to say that symbian was in Motorola Nokia siemens this shows it like good operating system which is a pity since if its development had followed would be a strong competitor to the from today .
BLACKBERRY: it was created 20 years ago but this platform became known only in the last generation a few years ago in the z10 there was an android tool and the overflow to balckberry its advantages was its security management of social networks very good excellent besides that it had its Own instant messaging application now BlackBerry abandon its own operating system and it happened to android not to disappear as a phone manufacturer because its operating system has already passed away

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