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Just like almost any other type of currency available in the world today, digital money is created. Virtual money (as some people call cryptocurrency) however, still creates a lot of confusion. But even though there are plenty of articles, websites or videos presenting the concept of digital money, a lot of technical aspects still need clarification. In order to present some of the most important issues connected to the digital money mining (or creation) technology, we will use some practical examples provided by Hydrominer, a recent European project that it is based solely on the power of running (or falling) water to operate and so, promotes the use of renewable energy.

Making the Most of the Available Space
Hydrominer promotes the use of sea-freight containers for installation of the mining equipment close to the hydro power plants in the Alps region (or even inside the stations). This offers access to very cheap electrical power and accessible water cooling solutions. The team at Hydrominer developed the most efficient manner in which to fit all the hardware inside the limited space available in such a container - however, despite the limitations, they made sure that the cooling of the equipment is done in a proper manner. Thus, the temperature levels are maintained at optimal levels, even if the density of the equipment is very high. This is crucial for the highest possible mining power, in the small place available at hydro power stations.

Reducing Costs
Just like we mentioned earlier, one of the major costs of running such a mining project is caused by the consumption of energy. Hydrominer chose one of the best places in Europe - the Alps. Here, it has a tremendous advantage - it has access to up to 85% lower energy prices than the European average. This is what makes Hydrominer so cost effective - it places the crypto mining equipment directly insides these hydro power stations!

Using Advanced Monitoring Software
A crypto currency miner is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a stop. This is done under extremely high load - that is why failures and breakdowns are quite frequent. Unfortunately, every downtime is equivalent to loss of money and profit - this is why you need a reliable monitoring software to detect problems. Hydrominer offers proprietary solutions for monitoring and gaining remote access to the miners.

At the present time, Hydrominer operates two of its power stations near Vienna, Austria. They are functioning, providing 60 Gigahertz mining power of Ethereum and other crypto currencies. Until now, these two were financed by Hydrominer and a few local investors. Now, Hydrominer wants to give more investors the chance to be part of this profitable eco-friendly mining business, through its token sale..

H20 Tokens Initial Coin Offering
The Token Sale from Hydrominer will be launched Monday, October 18 2017, on the official website - The ICO will run for four weeks (unless the tokens are sold out earlier) and has four different bonuses, depending on the period:

  • 20% – 1st week
  • 15% – 2nd week
  • 10% – 3rd week
  • 5% – 4th week
    Sign up online for updates, participate in the crowdsale and discover all that this profitable crypto-mining project has to offer by reading the latest version of the whitepaper at
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