Installing Linux for the first time.

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In this blog, I will share with you my experience of installing Linux for the first time. The process was not as difficult as I expected but it involved a learning curve. I have used Linux for 10 years now but I always had @antonchanning running installation for me. Perhaps it's worth adding I have learning difficulties so following instructions can be challenging for me as I often get lost and confused. The whole process from start to finish took me around 4 hours.

I started researching different Linux distributions by reading reviews and comparisons. I will be using the laptop mostly for listening to music and watching movies and I want a lightweight OS. After reading a bit about different distributions I decided to check Lubuntu but I really didn't like the feel and look of LXDE that comes with it. Eventually, I decided to download and install Xubuntu. I used it before and was very happy with it, besides I love rats and mice!


After downloading the torrent file I realised I need to download a torrent client to get the ISO file. I tried to install Transmission since I used it before. Installation was supposedly successful but could not find the app anywhere. Since I use OpenSuse I figured I probably need KTorrent instead. Once this was installed I downloaded the ISO file. If you use torrent regularly this part will be very quick and easy.

Now the time came to burn ISO onto a USB. I followed instructions from and with few minor tweaks, the drive was ready.


Next step was to change BIOS settings so that the laptop can boot up from a USB. I followed instructions from This step took me a little while. I am not sure why but the first time I tried to boot while pressing F2 laptop took me to a login screen. I spent a while searching for an alternative and eventually came back to F2 and this time it worked. The only difference was that first time I restarted the laptop while the second time I switched off completely and booted it up from scratch.


Finally, I could run the installation! This went really easy and quick, no problems with it at all. I used for guidance but the process is very straightforward.

Being able to install Linux by myself feels very rewarding. I know some people who tried and failed at it and for a while, I didn't think I could do it either. Now it seems like a piece of cake. I will never have to use windows or a mac again, which is great.

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