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RE: Steemit User's Biggest Security Flaw On Comments

in #technology4 years ago

I don't see how that's a security flaw.

Steemit is about freedom of expression, IMO. That includes comments on other people's posts. While the ability to "delete" posts (note that you cannot really delete anything from the blockchain anyway) might seem desirable as a means to handle the troll problem, if it exists, this is essentially a means for censorship.

The best defense against a troll is to ignore it. If you try to silence it it will only come back with a vengeance.
The best defense against a stupid comment is a better argument.

Censorship is unnecessary and counterproductive.


I don't see how that could be a censorship! Censorship is deleting a story that someone posts here! Censorship is to delete or block someone's account, censorship is to stop a person from expressing themselves through a story. You are elevating people's comments to a degree of extreme importance. Even more important than the story. The true fact is who post or write a story becomes the moderator of the story. It is only right! After all, it is his/her story. If you think the story is a fraud, a plagiarism, go ahead and flag the story!

Eduardo, no tenes ni la mas minima idea de lo que hablas.
A comment has the same intrinsic freedom of expression than a post.

You wish! A comment wouldn't exist without a post! Now, just in case you don't know, there is a great difference between a comment and an offense. (I do not speak Spanish but I have lots of friends that does! They wouldn't be that happy to see what you wrote there buddy!) Try to be cool and respectful, it is the best policy!