Daily tech talk.. SONY Xperia Touch

in technology •  11 months ago

Today I will write a really unique device, which made by SONY.
What makes this device unique? It is like a tablet, but project a 23" size.
Like a 23" android device.
First the dimensions of the device: 134x143x69mm
Think about the usage, if you only project the screen on a table, you can cook, or do dirty things, while you able to surf on the net, or use an application.
How it's looks like ?



To looks better, I turned off the light, and turned on the device, which boots with the following screens.




After the boot procedure, you get the following screen

You need to enter the pin, to open the screen

After you open the screen you get a traditional Android screen

You can select apps, like on any tablet

If you turn on the light, or use daylight it still usable

An example how google maps looks like

For motivation I show you some example video

Some feature video at a conference

And finally a phone arena review

I really enjoy the device! I think it both good for personal, and business usage! Did anyone tried it ?

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Seems such a futuristic device 😱


Absolutely! I really love it!

Damn @cuttie1979, that toy looks just funny.

Im sure i would enjoy it. I will have to check it right now but, well im not sure if the priece will fits me.

Have a good day!

Interesting, you have my upvote already. kindly ff back

I would love to use this for my personal device honestly! I would happily upgrade my already great Xperia tablet to this anyday of the week!

Does it work well or is the application more as a novelty?

Sony has been showcasing products like these for a while at ces. I am glad to see these come to market but right now they are pretty pricey. Here is a video of how Sony envisions these products to be used.

I'd like to get one! Oops! I forgot, I'm broke. HAHA!

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really really amazing reviews.. thanks for sharing

wow amazing device but they should consider reducing the size

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