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Today I move forward from photography to a different technology equipment. After I first met with this equipment I know I will be in love with this technology.
I tried VR and Augmented Reality, but it was not good for me. My eyes really sensitive for these technologies, but with Mixed reality no problems!
Now let's start with the equipment
After you buy, you get this packaging

You can walk easily with this tool. You can travel with all needs, power adapter, and a clicker, which good for games.

It looks really cool, not ?

On the bottom side you have a 360 degree sound system which cool for sound effects

And this one is the clicker

In September I was on a conference, where I attended the Mixed reality workshop. I take there some shot for the presentation, to bring the most important slides.

The most important, how in future change the most important personal device over time

The difference between analog physical reality, and digital reality (like VR)

We can mix it to Mixed reality

Not only Microsoft product exist, more will come from other vendors

Why this important, this market is before a huge gain

Anyone who working in the IT industry knows about Gartner hype cycle. What is important they not even marked mixed reality. Only augmented and virtual reality

There are six usecases where you can use mixed reality

What is really amazing about this technology, it really free up our hands. Think about just your mobile. This technology will replace it in seven years.

You can also use for construction

Data visualization

Spatial mapping. Think about how you can imagine how things looks like in a space where you want to put your furniture.

Imagine collaboration. No special knowledge needs on the field. Just basic mechanics, and an engineer able to help from the office. With this effort you can serve more equipment on the field.

The most amazing is the engineer work. See 3d models in live, like an airplane engine

Imagine simulations, like storms

Imagine future education, if you can see for example human anatomy in 3D real size

I tried it also, on that conference, before I purchased some

The only funny thing, when you see people, who see something, which you cannot see. Like ghost hunters




And for the end, see some videos
Balett in our apartman

Lift construction

Holotour: Go any place over space and time

Hololens anatomy

And a game, this will change this industry also

And some from another vendor

I'm really curious about your experience. Have you tried this ever ?

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Mixed reality.... Seems interesting.... Technology is really pushing a lot of boundaries


Yes, and this is really amazing! I was really addicted when I had it on my head.

Let Steem go to $100 dollars so I can afford one of these.

Its a very cool technology and it makes me wonder what the medical applications would be like.


They have already many. Just check it on youtube!


I'm sure there are many, I just want to see it in action. Like the ability for a surgeon to take an MRI or CT scan and superimpose a 3d view on top so that they can view what they are doing inside of a body without having to really put a scope inside.

i love agmented reality.....


Try mixed reality! It is the next level. I'm curious when google and apple will make their devices.

take my money!!

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Awesome, future beyond imagination!!! @cuttie1979 if I could afford that I'm pretty sure I could use it to make a full movie :)


The price continuously decreasing. MS Hololens priced at 3K USD, Meta2 priced 1.4K.
Over time it will be much more cheaper!

Virtual augmented is the future - that is for sure.

Would you mind explaining more about how it affected your vision. I have severe vision problems, but I don't want to spend the money to get a setup, just to play one game I love, only to find out I can't use it. I am legally blind in one eye so I have problems with depth. I do see shapes and colors but no detail in that eye. The other eye, I have GREAT distance vision, but close vision is not so great. Plus I do not see colors correctly. Parts of my vision I see no color and most of the remainder has a yellow over layer. Will I ever be able to use this tech?


I cannot answer your question 100% answer. I have different focus with my eyes. I only use 100% one of my eyes while the other have rest. I still able to use, and it is fascinating. I think you should try this equipment. In Microsoft tech centers you can try it, for free and you will see it working or not.

They gonna make Sword Art Online real?


It seems yes :) I really enjoyed to use it last time!


are those out in the market for commercial use? I only have this one and it's totally lame



Yes it is available now for commercial market, also used at many company.


need these asap!!!!!


my one is a cheap China made.. it's annoying carrying such heavy weight on my face..

That is a great tech ,its a game changer !


Absolutely. If you able to test one it worth the effort!

It's a great technique in a sophisticated world

This looks amazing! I can't believe i have never heard of this! This technology is definitely going to replace the real world later on with how useful it can potentially be. Classrooms being able to teach children "hands on" and let them see up close and personal will help the education. I can definitely see this being used to train new coming surgeons as well. I'm looking forward to this product being developed and updated over time. It will be taking my money for sure


Really amazing device! Today I have seen a Nasa app, which can travel you to the Mars.
Amazing. As visuals attract people, it will help a lot in education!


I’m going to throw all my money at it the moment it hits the market. Seeing mars through those lens must truly be astonishing, even better than those crappy VR boxes you can buy for phones lol

This is very cool. How long will it be before we are using it everyday?


I think seven years from now 90 percent of the personal devices will be mixed reality device.

yes good job plz Can you vote on this link?

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If this is the future of education...it's looks like awesome but we need to be carefully with this future.


We need more content. Day by day contents are really developing!


You're right.

I have heard that Apple has similar tech in the works. Many enthusiasts think that it will probably be a year or two until we have polished products in consumer hands. This is the first I've seen of a working prototype and it looks like Microsoft is ahead of the curve on this one.

Most peoples concern and speculation as to why we are still a ways off from product in hands is being able to to pack a large enough battery with in the spectacles to provide a viable battery life. I am curious as to what the battery life on this is?

I have heard a few ideas on solutions to this problem such as a glasses case with a larger battery and wireless charging technology that would charge the glasses while they are in the case.

What are your thoughts on time frame of mixed reality devices being available to consumers?

I have seem some use case specific devices that are really neat, such as a motorcycle helmet with a mixed reality visor that has a HUD. Very excited to see where this tech goes, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for reading. I'm really curious about Apple device. Now Microsoft has great advantage. I'm also curious about Meta device. As I seen it has twice bigger view angle, and half price. Sounds amazing. These devices currently available for consumers. But as price goes down, more and more will use.

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