should accept Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency as payment methods ASAP

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The petition is going great down to less than 1000 signature for the goal. Be the change at!

Link to petition at

Quote from the article
"Acceptance and intelligent integration of these efficient and groundbreaking payment methods will lead to more streamlined commerce and an improvement in the purchasing experience for the many millions who shop Amazon. This logical expansion in the payment options for Amazon's customers would help to proactively modernize the purchasing process and ultimately improve quality of life by bringing together the most efficient distribution systems with the most efficient and convenient payment systems available."



I wonder why no one is thinking about Steem as a crypto for this. It seems hard to beat. It has a great confirmation time and no fee. If it grows as a social currency, then that's where people are going to be already.

That's a really good thought! I think it's relative to scalability. How all the systems sit right now litecoin in my opinion is the fastest. Probably due to their implementation of segwit a couple months ago. Segwit and litecoins lightning network have yet to be beat in speed. We'll see how bitcoin responses to segwit :D

I wonder... I'll have to look into that out of curiosity. Up until recently, Steem and Bitshares win handily and one of the recent hardforks made even more improvements.
Steemit sets block time record as the fastest Crypto Currency in history

That's an interesting post my only dislike is how it is from 7 months ago, an update on that information would be a great post.

Bitshares is superior to any other crypto and therefore so is Steem

According to this, Lightning can be applied to any blockchain, and if so, BTS and Steem would maintain its claim on the fastest. It is still unclear to me if Steem is the fastest currently... either way, it does appear to be the cheapest transaction with tons of scalability.

knowing Amazon they'll probably just create their own crypto or buy one of them out somehow. lol

I think all the big companies would like to have their own crypto however I feel bitcoin and litecoin are more proven. Lets say amazon build a erc20 token off ETH, we haven't seen an erc token have the ability to scale any higher than where ETH currently stands. Which is not ideal. As it sits for at least another year, what we have is proven scalability in the litecoin segwit and lightning network, however only time will tell :D enjoy the feedback thank you

Thanks for the info, I cant afford to buy or invest so I need to blog and curate my ass off! Following now Cheerz!

Haha that's the spirit, this community is great! blog blog blog about what you want to happen and enjoy :D

I am not sure that Amazon will ever us Bitcoin, the supply is to small for ther size, why not to build ther own coin?

They will - but they will go ETH first.

Just use

You make an amazon wish list, share it, copy the link to share, post it into the search bar for purse. Then select your discount (15 percent is best for quick turnaround). Use coinbase for ease of use. There are other options. Purse app has a tutorial. Then you aren't giving Jeff bezos your bitcoin directly!

That's true, purse has worked well for me in the past. But just think what credibility to cryptos that would bring :D