Learn How to Assemble Computers With the PC Building Simulator

in technology •  2 years ago


Here is something interesting I have stumbled upon recently, a PC Building Simulator application that is intended to help people learn how to assemble computers properly and efficiently. The whole building process is gamified as it is modern nowadays to make things more interesting for the user. The project is still being developed, but there is already a demo version available that you can download and try... available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


The whole thing can help you get the basics, especially if you have never assembled a computer yourself before, without risking to damage hardware for hundreds to thousands of dollars. The PC Building Simulator can really turn into a useful tool for gamers and general users that are not into computer hardware and building things themselves, but want to learn how to do things themselves.

Here is a video demonstrating the PC Building Simulator in action, but my advice is to give it a try yourself by downloading the demo and if you like it to keep an eye on the project development.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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Good job @cryptos I am riezky and I am a student electro with electronika study program this information is very useful for me and I hope you want to share knowledge about censorship or how to learn programming language in visual basic software with me best regard indonesia community


This is a great game, but do not have much features, i will love to see the full version with full features @cryptos

Hey this isn't related to the topic but i was wondering how long @crowdfundedwhale takes to start upvoting posts?

It could be a really useful tool, building your own PC is so fun and so satisfying when it finally runs:D

I am so gonna try this @cryptos =D I'm a horrible PC mechanic LOL
Thanks for sharing man hopefully this will make my life easier =" D

Great idea, but towers will soon be obsolete. Now days a generic whitebox as they used to be called is no cheaper than a laptop. The only people still building are Miners, Gamers and maybe some old school media tanks.

I used to read my copy of "upgrading and repairing PC's" by Scott Mueller
for this type of info.


That application is so useful! I've never build a computer on my own, but if i fdid, I would definitely use the app first :)

I love it when something that scares the general public, like electronics and the guts of a computer, are demystified. Building a computer is something I plan to do in the future. Thanks for posting.

Hello @ cryptos sir.
Thanks for help my blog.
I am trying to waiting your latest post every day.
Thanks fir

Great idea!

I found this very useful, thank you, @cryptos. I will try the program. Upvoted and following to see more posts like this.

jacksepticeyes XD. keep it up @cryptos

i like your post my friend

Nice and

GREAT info upvoted and resteemed and followed

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you have a good idea.

I´ve always toyed with the idea of building a computer with scrap parts. This could make it possible for me. Thank you!

Good one !
Its is really helpful .