For the first time, researchers say Facebook can cause depression

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Spending too much time on “social media” sites like Facebook is making people more than just miserable. It may also be making them depressed.

A new study conducted by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania has shown — for the first time — a causal link between time spent on social media and depression and loneliness, the researchers said.

It concluded that those who drastically cut back their use of sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat often saw a marked improvement in their mood and in how they felt about their lives.

“It was striking,” says Melissa Hunt, psychology professor at University of Pennsylvania, who led the study. “What we found over the course of three weeks was that rates of depression and loneliness went down significantly for people who limited their (social media) use.”

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If normal social media can effect depression imagine what a social network like Steemit that ties in a volatile monetary aspect and ranking. I think Steem might be even worse for effecting depression in it's users as well as possible euphoric highs. Maybe Steem is the bipolar inducing social network.

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I read your post with interst, as i use often social media i often think if it's healthy or not, i still do not find an answer but i actually think yes steemit can make us bipolar it depends from what we earn i suppose because this is not a simple social network but a place where you can earn money so people can feel more pressure in it like " I must be famous and have more visibility" than in a social like facebook or instgram ^^

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