Guide: Using EOS Ledger App with Scatter Wallet

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Using EOS Ledger App with Scatter Wallet Overview

This video goes over using EOS Ledger App with Scatter Wallet. Within it shows how to add the EOS app to the ledger, generate ledger public key, create an account, and do transactions on the EOS blockchain using your ledger.


  • Use a backup ledger in a secure location with the same seed words if you are storing a substantial amount of EOS.
  • Ledger does not provide a private key and there is no tool to create a private key from your seed. This means you can not restore the wallet to any other device except a ledger.
  • EOS has a 3 year "use it or lose it" policy. Make sure you log in and are actively using your EOS accounts or you could lose it all.


A couple users reported errors saying "You must open the Eos Ledger app to use with scatter". If this happens to you, complete the following steps
  1. Unplug your Ledger, then plug it back in
  2. Type pin in on the ledger
  3. Launch EOS app
  4. Launch Scatter Wallet Desktop
Fairy Wallet users: This process is identical and will automatically pull in all existing accounts tied to your Ledger Nano S.

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