Get rid of Amazon Fire Launcher without root access

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Get Rid of Amazon Fire Launcher Overview

This How-To shows you how to get rid of Amazon Fire Launcher without root access. Amazon Fire 5.3.3 OS can't be downgraded or rooted, and since the Fire tablet line auto-updates, this leads many folks with the horrible experience of using the Fire OS with their gimped store/subscriptions.

The process to use Google Services and Googles Store instead is a bit involved but entirely doable on the Fire Tablets without having to root it. From then on, you don't have to navigate the out of date and limited Amazon App Store.

Here is the process:

  • Enable ADP USB Debugging (Settings -> Device -> Tap Serial 10 Times -> Select Developer options -> Turn ADP Debugging ON)
    Amazon Fire Launcher

  • Enable Downloads from Unknown Sources (Settings -> Security -> Allow Unknown Sources ON)
    Amazon Fire Launcher

  • Install Google Play Services
  • Launch Google Play using Search on Home Screen
    Amazon Fire Launcher

  • Sign-in to Google
  • Update Google Play Services (Note: you can type Google Play Services in or launch update from the notifications tray -- This will take 5-10 minutes to update)
  • Install Nova Launcher from Play next
  • Download the following APK to change the Amazon Fire's Default Launcher. Afterward, on the tablet open Google Chrome or Amazon Silk Browser enter this address:
Note: This is the shortlink for Github project. It is open source and I encourage you to look over the project on your PC so you aren't blindly installing things on your tablet.
  • Install the HijackLauncherV2.apk and Open it
  • Select Nova Launcher in the App and hit Ok at the prompt
  • Go back to settings -> Accessibility ->To detect home button press -> Switch to On
    Amazon Fire Launcher

Finished, Enjoy being able to use Google Services on your Amazon Fire!

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