All Hail The New Gods

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Hey My J's,

It's me back again for your daily dose of random thoughts for the day is my thoughts and today's topic is about the new Gods, the modern deities that humans have begun to worship, pay homage to and rever for their power. I'm talking about the Governments, Corporations, The Media and of course Technology.

american gods.jpg

What Tribe Do You Fall Into?

Humans have always been tribal creatures, we want to feel like we belong to something bigger, something powerful, something that achieves something and we can sort of feel like we contributed and belonged to.

As we began to scale in the population may old tribal ways have died out and were taken over by Religion and we now have these huge factions of religious beliefs that we hold so dearly, debate daily and even clash with one another on.

Religion is based on faith with this faith to be rewarded at the end of your mortal life. However for us mortals and our constant strive for gratification we've decided that these faiths and gods no longer work for us, we need something more tangible, something more worldly or "real" to an extent.

The meaning of existence

What has driven religions of the past, the ones we have now, cults and more has always been this question of purpose and meaning of existence, it's an itch we simply feel we need to scratch and sits in the back of our minds whether we like it or not.

Those who have realised at this itch can be manipulated have moved their way to the top of the pecking order and become world superpowers across the 4 god verticles of media, corporations, government and the internet.

They are our new gods, we look to them for advice, or guidance, for answers to our problems, we praise them, we beg them and we keep them in power. Happy to give up our individual rights and liberties for the morsels they are willing to give.

Malcolm In The Middle

While much is made of the rich and the poor in today's societies these polarized parts are simply a distraction for engine room that keeps this whole thing going

What amazes me most about the system is that what keeps it going is the middle class, the ones who have given themselves over mindlessly to the bourgeois attitude trying to compete with other middle class for more reverance.

To be revered as some sort of demi-god, that has achieved some sort of sanctity or sainthood in one of the 4 modern faiths. This competition or rather popularity contest is what fuels economies and why companies are always finding new ways for the middle class to compete with one another. Holidays, cars, electronics, homes, clothing, food, recreational activities, there's always a scale to everything you do and you can better of anything in those verticles and more.

The funny thing is that in this rat race to be a demigod some often go for broke and fail and are tossed out, social outcasts, they have failed, they end their lives thinking they have never succeeded. They pass on this anxiety to their kids for the promise of the so-called "better life".

Thinking for yourself

I often listen to the way people talk and think and I find it facinating how few have any sort of reasoning skills they are only taught what to think but not how to think and this is why thier foucs is zoned in on these things that activate their dopamine centers.

I feel many people have become semi-atonomous or even automonous outsoucing their thinking to the various institutiaotns we now praise. Convenience is seen as the pinnacle of human achievement but is it? Or is it the modern slavery with a dash of stolkhom syndrome. When was hte last time you stopped to think about what you're doing? Have an orignal thoguht? Go against convention and take the hits that come along with it?

Thinking for yourself is hard, it takes practice, its uncomfortable and sometimes painful, you could be ridiculed or pressured to think a certain way by those within the strucutres and subscribe to the new religions.

Have your say

I realise steemit holds a lot of anti-establishment users, the so-called unplugged. I won't say woke because woke people seem to be creating their own god to worship.

Have you felt that you were giving too much of yourself to these new gods?

Holla at me in the comments! All my commenters I will now refer to as Jessie. Jessie is a good friend of mine, but Jessies got a girl, and I want to make her mine.

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, simply comment "I am a Jessie."

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