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Hi Friends,

I have been using earbuds for a long time, and am now using my cell phone for work more than ever. I have always been annoyed by the cords on the earbuds so I finally decided to upgrade and go with wireless earbuds:


I didn't go with the "Pro" version as I like the fit better than the ones that go fully in your ear - I think those could hurt after a while. So far, I am happy with my choice and they seem to work well.

Upgrade complete.

Thanks for coming by,


Nice upgrade. Don't forget to charge it tho..else you might go back to the wired ones.

@brian.rrr, Hello friend, it's good that you got updated. So you can work more comfortably as you like. Greetings from Venezuela

I rarely use stuff like that

Bummer! No music?

actually like the default sound from cellphones, radios without using an eraphone

Bluetooth headphone!! I have also one but the quality is not so good.

Nice, glad to hear it!

we have to upgrade us with the time, that's the progress.

Wow it's looking very nice.It would be better to use it if it works properly.

Yes, hope it works good…

You have the right decision. Sometimes trouble comes. So you should upgrade.

Yep, I agree my friend!

I am opting for the wireless one too, but I have to save money because it's quite pricey in our country.

Makes sense, I agree they are not cheap.

The important thing with these models, is that they must fit the ear well, to be able to have a good grip. Regards.

Good point!

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