ODrive: cheap, powerful and hackable motor controller

in #technology6 years ago

Hi ! I discover the ODrive thanks to this video performed by this Gentleman.

He is building 3D Printed gears and his current project is building a robot using such gears.

The ODrive looks like this.
It has an ARM microcontroller (STM32), two motor drivers and a real bunch of mosfets to drive two motors and a power resistor.
The board layout gives you an hint that this board is able to handle a lot of power :-)
The specs are the followings:

GitHub for Hardware and Software: https://github.com/madcowswe/ODrive#getting-started
The firmware seems to use FreeRTOS, STM32 libs.
HackADay: https://hackaday.io/project/11583/logs?sort=newest

There is this excellent spreadsheet that shows a characterization of several RC motors (including voltage, acceleration, braking resistor...)
Typically for a 3D Printer, the 24V board seems enough for even large printers and common CNC machines (up to 1Nm torque with 1KW motors), above this torque the 48V board is needed.

Video Demos:

  • A relatively heavy gantry
  • An Ultimaker style gantry using probably fish ropes instead of belts
  • This board allows to control high speed/power motors in a closed loop, this enables 3D Printers/CNC/Robots to move in the industrial league: control of the position/speed/acceleration/torque and also silence. The torque and the rpm can be limited at the firmware level, so you do not need large and expensive power supplies.

    Pretty cool hardware !


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