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So what's in a name? Boid is a term coined by Craig
Reynolds in 1986. Craig developed software which
simulates the flocking behaviour of birds. The name "Boid"
corresponds to a shortened version of "birdoid object",
which refers to a birdlike object. Each boid follows a very
simple set of rules. The cumulative effect of many boids
interacting creates emergent patterns. Likewise,
distributed systems follow similar patterns of interaction
between interconnected nodes (users and software). Boid
is a website and software platform that provides a social
gateway for individuals to contribute their computing
power towards big ideas and get rewarded for it. The Boid
platform makes it easy for users to participate in
distributed computing projects. Boid also incorporates the
latest blockchain protocols, providing monetary incentives
for the sharing of spare computing resources.

***Boid App Public Alpha Launch 8/3/18
***EOS Airdrop 8/15/18
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