Unix command line tricks for Linux, Mac, and Windows: table of contents

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The Unix operating system was the granddaddy of Linux, OS X, and Windows, and most of its commands for exploring and pulling information out of text files are available on these modern operating systems. This series covers some of the most useful Unix commands for working with text files, because as the idea of Data Science gets bigger and bigger, it turns out that these old school Unix tools are more valuable than ever for dealing with the different kinds of data files that may show up.

On Windows 10, you'll want to install the bash command line, and for older versions of Windows, install Cygwin; on OS X and Linux you'll want the Terminal app. (In the old days, before computer screens had windows, that terminal was the whole interface!)

Entries in the series so far:

Because steemit won't let us edit posts that are more than a week old, I will be adding links to new entries in this series as comments to this posting.


Each of them is so useful.

grep has got to be my favorite among those.

I just added cat!

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