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Flashback: Microsoft has been found to be using monopolistic practices

Without delving too deep into the intricacies; at the time it was found that Microsoft, by selling the operating system with a browser that it was stifling the growth of competing software (Netscape).

With that in mind, Google is now making headlines because of android.

EU fines Google 5 billion over Android antitrust

Android antitrust decision shakes mobile industry

Ultimately, this relates to the similar concern that saw Microsoft getting punished, by bundling various software onto the device it is preventing competitors from getting established. When you get a new phone or tablet; it does not matter which maker it is they come loaded with a variety of software.

Google does defend their position by saying that they do allow companies to load competing apps on the devices before sale.

As far as the justification, I would give Google the benefit of doubt.

Where both Google and Apple act as monopolies has to do with their App Stores. Google's appstore being much more lenient. It does make sense to have at least a minimum standard to what can be published, good to know that an app does what is advertised and will not brick the device.

IMO, I don't think there should be ANY software loaded onto a device or operating system beyond what is needed for it to function. Most of the apps that get loaded on devices are useless for most people, redundant, or people will have their own preferences to use regardless.

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