Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp down. Many reports. What happen

in technology •  last month

From 5 pm MARCH 13 all the major social platforms of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp seem to have serious problems in being online. There are thousands of reports coming from all over the world to the DownDetector website . The problems seem to concern all three of Mark Zuckerberg's platforms due to the impossibility of sending or receiving messages on WhatsApp, unable to upload images or stories to Instagram via posts on Facebook.

Obviously on Twitter is immediately taken the flood of messages of those who wonder why of what is happening, and in so many ironize about the malfunctioning just as usually happens in these cases since those who always use Facebook and Instagram, open Twitter only if the first two don't work. The hashtag #Instagramdown is currently in first place in the trend in Italy. From Facebook no comment or explanation, for now, on what is happening.

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