Using LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership of Content [DCopyright (Decentralized Copyright)] - The WhitePaper

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Using LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership of Content

[DCopyright (Decentralized Copyright)]

Built with love for SteemStem, and Steemit Community.

Harry Newark / DCopyright


I WILL BE DOING A LIVE TALK AT 8:00PM GMT, discussing the release

I have uploaded the full whitepaper to a google drive and it took a long time to make it all pretty, so if you can you can, view there, but I will include abstract in article body for ease of read, the full images of whitepaper will be included at bottom however and will release a text over the next few days :)

download the whitepaper here



Posting content on a Blockchain based medium like STEEM is a powerful way to prove ownership of content, utilizing the immutability of a blockchain and the resulting cryptographic hash, and there are other blockchain based “water-marking” services which generally supplement the creator with a “e-ticket/certificate” containing said hash and other authoritative data. While these are great tools, I have developed a system that can all be ran using the immutability of the STEEM blockchain and is physically owned. This paper details an Open Source and an eventual communally run project whereby content creators can safely and securely store, physically own and prove ownership of any content they deem valuable or at high risk of plagiarism. I will achieve this by utilizing a “Physical Proof of Inception” protocol (P.O.I), whereby artists can submit work to me or complete the tutorial steps themselves. Published work on the STEEM blockchain, is recorded in a block on the ledger and a verifiable transaction ID is generated. The content is then written to a LightScribe compatible disc and is then laser etched with the hash of the transaction containing the artist’s work, the date and time that it was published (P.O.I), authors name and any other specified identifiable data. This links a physical copy of the artist/designer/writer’s content to a verifiable, trustable blockchain that doubles the authentication proof that the ledger block contains already. This Disc is either generated by the community member or if created by me, then sent to the intended recipient and as a secure and useful tool if plagiarism takes place. The instructions for how to create your own cryptographically backed copy of any content you own will be open source and released in an easy how-to guide. A full tutorial of how to install and replace a standard drive with a LightScribe compatible one and how use the LightScribe Software will be released, as-well as my methods as to how to use it in conjunction with your accompanying STEEM blockchain data to prove ownership and creation date of the work. Then I will begin work on my G.A.R.T.H (Graphene Arbitrated Randomized Treatise Hash) to further strengthen this.

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