Will it be possible to 3D print human organs in the future?

in technology •  last year

According to this article published in the website FromTheGrapevine, it might actually become possible to 3D print human organs in the future. Experiments revolve around injecting human genes into tobacco plants, which seem to result in compatible human tissue of various kinds. The idea seems to revolve around studies to use these tissues to 3D print human organs next, which would make transplant availability greatly improve.

Source: FromTheGrapevine

Good? Great? Scary?

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Nice post!

This would be game changing technology for many. Right now people have to "compete" for a chance at a life saving organ donation to save thier life. It cold also help to mitigate health problems due to chronic conditions or damaged organs.

If this technology comes to fruitation it could save many lives and reduce a lot of suffering around the world. I have at least one family member a 3D print organ would help.


Lets hope the tech arrives soon enough then :)


Yeah. If this becomes reality there will be more hope for people currently awaiting an organ.

Well, I think this is both good and scary at the same time...

Nice post!

I suppose these things will be achieved, eventually

Exciting and scary at the same time!

Nice post!

It is a bit scary. People will be like half human half robots. But if you need an organ it might be good news then.


I agree with you on this :)

Interesting article