Scientists have created recycling and self-correcting e-skin

in technology •  2 years ago 

Researchers from China and the United States have created an electronic skin (e-skin) which can be cured by making chemical bonds in two parts. In a non-occurrence, it can be recycled by putting it into a chemical solution. This e-skin capable of measuring temperature and humidity may be used in the future in robots, prosthesis etc.1366070924_death and time send.jpg

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This is interesting and scary. We're moving closer to Cyberdyne taking over. LOL.

Well... that its just one of a lot of things that we gonna have in "the future", but "the future" is now, so we only need to learn to use that ina good way :) seee yaaa and thanks for the follow <3

well technology develops exponentially, so future is just a step away from us.

Looking forward to see how it works