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The advance of technologies means that the way in which information is stored is renewed every day. In addition, these new forms must avoid new levels of security. Goldilock distinguishes itself from other storage devices, as it offers users quality, speed and security. Your new cold storage model allows you to view the data at the required time, then the key information is disconnected again, this technology is better known as "airgrap" technology.


What is Goldilock

Goldilock is a new form of storage system. It acts as a cold storage until the user needs access to their funds or data. This new ecosystem assures users (individuals and institutions) that their cryptocurrencies and digital assets will be stored in a secure manner.


This technology allows the user to access their private data at the time they require it and once the requirement is finished, these data are disconnected. The physical device that stores the information is connected to the Internet and the user is granted limited time access through non-IP technology with secure authentication layers.

Goldilock and NEO share some core values ​​that make it the perfect technology.


The Goldilock idea is perfect since its cooling method allows it not to be hacked, since not being connected to the network continuously, it is unlikely that its database will be hacked. Goldilock uses a method of "physical disconnection of air". That is, the devices that store confidential data are physically disconnected from the Internet.



At the moment there are two types of platforms in which users can store their data:

Centralized: exchanges, online wallets, etc. Centralized storage methods remove control of private keys from the wallet custodian or exchange private keys. What makes this a potential danger.

Personal cold storage: Trezor, Ledger Wallet, hard drives, etc. This type of storage offers a lot of security benefits instead of keeping your cryprocurrencies / data online.


Disadvantages of personal cold storage:

• The user must know about technology, so it is not aimed at a massive population.
• The devices can be destroyed or lost, causing irreparable losses.
• Data is inaccessible without the presence of the physical device.

Goldilock technology can be applied to a wide variety of fields and can be used by individuals to store private information.

The problem of Identity

In general, our digital information demands a high level of security, when opening a wallet or changing a password the information is sent by email and this leaves our security exposed in some way, since our confidential information is stored online in our account of email or disk, being prone to hackers or malicious use.

Goldilock would grant users access to their information at the required time and once the requirement is finished, the data is disconnected, becoming inaccessible for anyone to see or access.

Goldilock can provide its security layer to the banking system, for example, to minimize attacks by hackers, making it virtually impossible to hack into your system. This technology can also be used for in the wallets to store cryptocurrencies, offering the security of cold storage.






The adaptation of Goldilock in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will increase user confidence, and the security offered by "airgraf" technology will prevent the hacking of our wallets.

The choice of NEO is very assertive, since this ecosystem is working on new products and is emerging as one of the best, in addition its dBFT mechanism allows transactions to be carried out more quickly, Digital Identity and Intelligent Contract provides a Solid platform for Goldilock Security Suite.

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