Two Chinese brands are in the top 10 brands list in the world.....

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Google is at the top of the top 10 brands in the world.

Another rundown of the world's most profitable brands has been distributed with the goal that two best Chinese associations are among the main 10 associations. Brand and correspondence investigate, the world's driving firm, Millward Brown, has distributed the rundown.

As indicated by CNN's report, China's Alibaba and Tencent have occurred as an important brand alongside a major brand like Google and Apple.

As indicated by CNN, Alibaba internet business organization, which positions ninth in the rundown, multiplied the brand cost by expanding business in portable installments and distributed computing. Its image esteem remains at $ 113 billion

In 2010, the Shenzhen-based organization of Tennessee rose to the main ten The association has turned out to be all the more effective over the most recent one year. Presently its position is five. Already there are just Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Tencent is behind Facebook's image esteem. Its image esteem currently remains at 179 billion US dollars, which is 65 percent more than a year ago.

Tencent works with web-based amusements, applications, texting and online installments. Its market capitalization has outperformed US $ 490 billion, which is behind the most important bank of the United States, JP Morgan.

Top 10 brands list: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent, Facebook, Visa, McDonald's, Alibaba, AT and T.

Brand's boss Doreen Wang stated, "Tencent and Alibaba have left the table in the wake of confronting numerous troublesome hindrances in the wake of worldwide superpowers." The measure of difficulties they confront is immense. Be that as it may, new open doors for shrewd business people have been made to expand Chinese educated youthful clients.

Correspondences Group WPP and Millward Brown plan a rundown of brands every year. Google has been positioned at the highest priority on the rundown for a long time over the most recent 12 years. At the exhibit, its image esteem is $ 302 billion, which is 23 percent more than a year ago.


chaina is always technology boss, i think alibaba and tencent represented the chaina, in future i hope they contribute more in chainess ceonomy.
thank for sharing this impormative post with us.

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