Huawei's new operating system to handle bad situations...

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Huawei is making Android's alternative software.

China's cell phone producer Huawei is being researched in the nation on charges of dealing with data from different US associations. On the off chance that there is a terrible circumstance, Google's Android working framework may need to surrender their utilization. Huawei has an option. Known as the world's biggest broadcast communications producer Huawei

The United States is researching Chinese cell phone producer Huawei Technologies since 2012. From that point forward, the organization began taking a shot at making its own particular working framework. As of late, Huawei has been exploring the affirmation of rupturing new confinements in the nation. Huawei, the Android working framework can leave from its working framework and the gossipy tidbits start to rise. This data was accounted for in a South China Morning Post report.

The report said Huawei and another Chinese organization ZTE started researching in the United States against the beginning of 2012 when Huawei began building up its own particular programming. As of now, the organization has its own particular programming for tabs and pc.

Media reports said that the United States House Intelligence Committee examines the year-long stretch, blaming Huawei and ZTE for gathering essential data from US organizations.

As indicated by Gartner, the statistical surveying firm, Google's Android working framework and Apple's iOS now have 99.9 percent of the cell phone working framework.

As indicated by the report of the South China Morning Post, Huawei has begun its own particular working framework under Hugh's author Ren Zengfei. They have taken it as an arranged speculation, which can be utilized as a part of the most noticeably awful conditions. They didn't move far from their own working framework.

Be that as it may, the working arrangement of Huawei has never been discharged. Since it didn't achieve quality guidelines like Android or there are outstanding applications in it.


we ar waiting for this feature....

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