Trackpad or Mouse?

in #technology2 years ago

When buying an Apple Mac on their site, you might notice advertisements for the "Magic Mouse" and "Magic Trackpad." To spare your money, I bought and tested each one of these.
To start off, the first thing I noticed is that the Trackpad is very smooth and has a nice look too. But overtime, I noticed that the Magic Mouse gathered a lot of dust and my dogs' fur. Another thing I like about the Trackpad is you don't need to use force to click on the screen, just tap. This is better than the mouse because the Magic Mouse makes a loud sound that is a little disturbing.
But, the mouse is not bad either. It is very slim and has a glossy style. The top of the mouse is a touchable surface that allows many gestures. But, it's a little hard to do gestures without my fingers slipping off or missing. These are easier on the Trackpad.
Although the battle between mouse and Trackpad has positives and negatives, your choice should be based on your personal needs, like iOS and Android. For someone that uses your computer daily, the Trackpad is easier to use. The mouse is good for someone that doesn't do a lot of work on the computer. Personally, as a programmer, I find the Trackpad most useful.