Headphone Jack, Why Are They Disappearing?

in #technology2 years ago

"3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new, " was the line Google amazed all in the first Pixel commercial as everyone anticipated Google's first hardware and software built phone. But, the next year, the Pixel 2, personally a favorite of mine, had no headphone jack. Why are they being removed? Some speculate that the thinness of the phone is key, and the headphone jack and a large screen don't fit well together. Others say that waterproofing the phones are important. However, LG and their flagship 2017 phone, the V30, HAS a headphone jack and keeps their 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio standard. Even so, the LG V30 is still able to have a groundbreaking screen-to-body ratio and water resistance. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are continuing this trend, hopefully some companies will keep the crisp Hi-Fi sound with a headphone jack while maintaining the 2017 phone standard.