Android O Upcoming Features

in #technology3 years ago

Many people are anticipating the upcoming arrival of Android O, specifically because of the bundle of new features it will bring.
The newest features of Android O are mostly behind the screen. Meaning the new features mostly take place in the system itself. Android optimized the system for better battery performance and speed, along with increasing the speed of low cost Android phones. For developers, Kotlin, a new programming language, is now officially supported. If you've ever had an iPhone, you probably know the unforgettable notification number that pops up in the top right corner. Android took a different approach, and made Notification Dots, which adapt to the app icon color and have no number. Also, picture-in-picture viewing will be soon available, so you can see two screens more productivity. Sadly, the cute gumdrop emojis are also leaving Android, and we'll have to get use to their new emojis. Follow me for more news!