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I think the way technology is moving on it wont be long until we have augmented reality as an every day feature.

Not just for cating Pokemon.

Imagine a heads up display everwhere you go. A trio abroad where all signs are in whatever language you choose. A sat nave that has lane guidance that looks like its part of the road.

I think the future looks good.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Samsung: Time for folding smartphones -


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Hmmm, so much evolution in the hardware and we're still stuck with Mobile Operative Systems with interfaces designed in the mid 1980's. There hasn't been any evolution (other than visual) to this concept.

Then and for the first time in History, Microsoft makes a much better OS than the competition: Windows Phone.

Android and iOS almost look like a very bad joke, when compared to it.

Sadly, it was the only OS they couldn't sell. Apparently, the masses only enjoy crappy and buggy Operative Systems. Go figure...

PS: Thanks, once more, for sponsoring my candidates in @pifc's contest.


No problem. Lets hope the new program takes off so it can do some good


No problem. Lets hope
The new program takes off so
It can do some good

                 - andrewharland

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