How to use Gmail's Confirmative Mode?

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Google designed to redefine its Gmail last month, as well as several new features, which was the most important 'Confederative Mode', which can be sent to such emails that are specific time periods. It will be automatically discontinued. The good thing is that this feature is now available to consumers. In this feature, the e-mail address will be updated under this feature introduced to improve privacy, exactly the Snapshot Chat Like end messages. Similarly, with this feature, people can also send emails that other people forward, copy, paste or download Rather, you will not be able to print, but currently there is no cure of screen shot, but has also promised to prevent it in future. How to use this feature? First to use it New Gmail needs you to get through Try New Gmail by clicking on the settings of the settings. After clicking on the screenshot, Gmail's page will be redirected and new designs and features will appear in front of them. Click on the mail and composite box will look down with you Lock icon signature. Click on the screenshot icon, a popup menu will appear in which I Explicit update can be determined that will be between one day to 5 years. Passcode can also be set to access e-mail such as screen shotback but also deeper passwords based on email-based or SMS-based passwords. The code can be kept. For example, if the person you are sending an email to the person does not use Gmail, then they will be able to get the code from SMS. Similarly, if you want to access email or subscribe You can also remeeve. After sending the email for this purpose, go to the Gmail folder in the Saint's folder and open the email and click on the Remo Essays. Due to different restrictions, the user will prevent their email from being accidentally shared by others, however, if a person does not intend to do good for the first time, then he or she has some kind of message or attachment can copy. image

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