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jupiter-moon-549433_1280.jpgEuropa, the sixth-largest satellite in the solar system, has an average diameter of 3,100 km, a little less than the moon's diameter. Iron is found in Europa by the silicate rocks. The main part of the atmosphere is the oxygen. The crust is relatively low on the surface of Europa, with spillways, pistols and long lanterns. It is believed that water formed by a flat surface containing ice, and one of the places where life outside the Earth is likely.

The minimum age and the surface of the water is below the surface of the water. Jupiter and other surrounding satellites combine to create strong gravitational force, causing a tidal wave similar to that of the Earth, and the friction that resulted in heat generated heat to sustain the water. It is also believed to cause movements such as earth strains.

Some space missions have learned and given information about Europa. The cruise ships are NASA's Galileo. The features of Europa have led to further study. The most important of these is Europa-Jupiter System Mission, which is expected to be launched by NASA in 2016. This is expected to be based on the possibility of life in Europe by's Hubble studies have confirmed the water raids in Europe. The Hubble telescope has observed water vapor rising up to 200 km from the surface of Iprah. The ocean in Europe is considered twice as much as the Earth's ocean. Compared to the size and intensity of elevated steam, This ocean has determined how thick is the snow covering. This study was conducted by scientist William Sparks of Space Science Institute, located in Baltimore.

In 2005, NASA's Cassini spacecraft provided a passion for steam from the surface of Europe. From that time on, the issue of this ocean and the lifestyle for some time began. In 2012, Lauren's Roth discovered these water bodies. The James Shotoff telescope is aimed at launching 2018 for further details. More reliable evidence can be collected on the infrared surveillance system.

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