Adsactly Tech News - Renewable Energy Efforts and Puerto Rico

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Adsactly Tech News: Renewable Energy Efforts and Puerto Rico

In this article I would like to discuss something amazing taking place in Puerto Rico as we speak. A man named Jehu Jehu Garcia has been labelled the 'king of renewable energy' and is making real progress there trying to restore power and get people up and running in a more sustainable way regarding electricity.

Garcia never really expected to become an expert working with Lithium-ion batteries, it just sort of turned out that way. He started out as a Youtuber in California running a small photography accessories company.

He had a passion for photography and was content working with cameras and making videos as well as selling accessories. “I didn’t want to be known as the battery guy,” Garcia stated when asked about his new reputation as the guy who makes custom powerwalls.

Everything changed for him in 2015. You see, this was the year that Elon Musk showed the world his plans for the future, he gave everyone a preview at the brand new, Tesla Powerwall.

If you've never heard of the powerwall, its basically a suitcase-sized battery specifically made for homeowners that would like to store electricity. It can be charged in two ways, either from the main power grid or from solar panels.

The device represented an impressive step forward in alternative energy technology, but it started at $3,000 and could only store 10 KWh of electricity, or about a third the average American household consumes in a day.

Whenever a large company releases a new technology, smaller companies follow its market adoption and if it makes sense, they imitate and build on what is already popular.

Because the Tesla powerwall was a big hit with a lot of consumer demand, battery hobbyists building their own DIY powerwalls.

These DIY battery hobbyists began collecting and using recycled laptop batteries. They realized they could hook them up to solar panels and charge their customers a fraction of the cost that the designer Tesla wall would have cost them.

Now that they had a more affordable, high quality alternative, it was time to advertise.

They spend a large amount of resources, time and energy collaborating with others on YouTube, Facebook, and online forums to swap techniques and find out where to buy supplies.

Of course, this is where Garcia really made a name for himself. His instructional YouTube videos, became some of best internet resources available for fellow DIY powerwall enthusiasts.

One thing that makes even more sense is that Garcia got his start with electrical engineering almost two years before the Powerwall was announced when he converted a vintage Volkswagen bus to run on an electric battery instead of gasoline.

He was however inspired by Tesla, and already had some basic knowledge of Lithium-ion batteries, which are extremely important in the manufacturing of cellphones, laptops and Powerwalls.

But here's where the story gets really good. It turns out that Garcia has bigger ambitions than simply running his own company and being a popular YouTube celebrity. This guy has a heart of gold. He recently has made a lot of effort as a community leader dedicated to changing the world through education about sustainable and renewable energy sources.

One of his biggest ambitions is helping people to become more self sufficient and prove to everyone that we don’t need to be exploited by monopolistic power companys and we certainly don't need a corporation or nonprofit to get us off the grid. With a bit of work and training, we can do this ourselves!

One thing I really admire about Garcia is the fact that he has gotten to where he is today not by going to school and receiving formal education but by educating himself!

He didn't even step one foot inside a professional engineering class! Furthermore, it wasn't like he had this profession handed to him. He grew up in a very poor town and was brought over the border from Mexico as a child.

He didn't have the luxury of going to college. Everything he has he had to work for and work hard. With this type of background it actually makes a lot of sense. Garcia is a real worker and he has been doing it his whole life!

So lets get to the end of this story then shall we?

Last month Garcia traveled to a place completely devastated and for the most part without power. The place I'm talking about is in dire need of assistance and would benefit immensely from alternative sources of energy. I'm sure you can guess, the place I'm talking about is Puerto Rico.

If you are not familar with what happened there in September 2017, let me fill you in a bit on that.

Puerto Rico sustained incredible amounts of damage as it was struck by Hurricane Maria. This was a category 5 storm which is about as bad as it gets in terms of hurricanes. Maria destroyed crucial infrastructure on the island and killed hundreds of people.

According to Garcia, he said that he was able to raise $30,000 and $40,000 via donations to bring small powerwalls and solar panels to over 30 families so far without power on the island. Great job Garcia!

Even though this is amazing news and his efforts have made the lives of many of Puerto Rico's citizens a lot better, its tragic that the majority of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents are presumed to still be without electricity. I say this in shock because it has been nearly three months after Maria struck.

Garcia has a heart of gold and a very positive mindset. He believes that we all have a bright future powered by alternative energy ahead of us. “I think it’s an opportunity much more than a tragedy,” he said, referring to the island’s power crisis.

His goal is to show people how valuable and cost effective it is to create renewable energy with solar panels and recycled batteries on the island. It is also his hope that Puerto Rico and the rest of the world will be paying attention and decide to make further investments in solar power in the coming years and decades. “I think if people see it, if industry sees it, it’s going to be the first part of the US where the future starts.”

What do you guys think about Garcia's story and what he was able to accomplish for Puerto Rico? Do you think governments (specifically the U.S. government because its a territory of theirs...) are doing enough to help the people there?

Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

Thanks for reading.

Written by @techblogger

The YouTuber Who Is Redefining Renewable Energy - Vice
Tesla begins alerting 1st general US Powerwall customers, installations starting in June - Electrek
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I love all the renewable energy thing and i hope that government won't tax people for that we use it...

This man is going to end up being the renewable energy king and the Puerto Rico tragedy is going to end up truly making solar power/renewable energy and battery walls a mainstream/common household appliance.

This is definitely going to be "a thing" and Puerto Rico is going to be in the forefront of this innovation that will sweep the nation.


My heart was warmed reading about all the good this man has done and what his vision for the future is centered around.


Dear that all need to have DC electronics things so it will be beneficial otherwise it may need high mAh batteries.


hmm, it's very interesting all this, thank you for all this information it was a pleasure to read


People there can not wait for long they need help. I have way to buy a lots of li-ion batteries for way cheaper then market price. Such as used good working battery. We can put them work as people need now. Rich people may not care to save projects money. But we have to care. That means more people an afort for a little as cost them almost near free. I will like you guy who read my message can help me bring teammates together and make it realistic

Renewable energy is definitely the future and one of the most realistic ways to get power to the millions of people around the world still without power.

Renewable energy is also important for the the environment and it reduces the dependence on energy that are sources of emissions which lead to global warming.

it might take years before I can find some affordable solar panels around here but when I do, looks like there's no need to worry about storage, thanks for sharing him with us.


It's a worthy goal. The initial investment may be high but in the long run you'll be saving money and helping the environment.

Renewable Energy is Future because it is cheap and pollution free


Not only is it Non-Government Sanctioned and pollution free, and power corporations such as Commonwealth Edison, cannot control usable energy if you're going with a solar power system, an Asian woman did just that for 5 years, how she kept cutting corners around bogus power companies who want to jack up your bill when they see fit, and it's no doubt that fat cat business moguls are there to pocket the extra revenue out of your pocket.

That's just one of the ways the rich stay rich, is by exploiting various energy grid systems that power communities over the world itself.


Yes, your opinion is reasonable


Also,have a lots of old batteries we can use for those projects

looks interesting. Thank you. We have some renewable energy in Ukraine too!

Great post, I think that renewable energy will be very important in the future when coil will ends.

I remember when I saw his electric VW video on YouTube. I thought that was the greatest thing, I wanted to imitate it so much I began building aluminum batteries in my basement and trying to get some usable power out of them. He has been an inspiration to many and I think that by following his example we may be able to inspire more people to follow their aspirations.

Here's to making 2018 a killer year for renewables and cryptos.! image


Absolutely! By all means, go ahead and share your knowledge with the world. We are going to move to a sustainable future together!

The man he is....

@adsactly Awesome post! Truly motivational in many ways. Just last week a read an article about how 3 months later Puerto Rico still has no electricity. It might be easy to forget what that can be until, we are forced to sit next to our phone while it charges on the wall; which in not nearly compare to what Puerto Ricans are going thru. What touched me was..
"One thing I really admire about Garcia is the fact that he has gotten to where he is today not by going to school and receiving formal education but by educating himself!". - This is truly amazing in the way for others to learn that a formal education or diploma doesn't define you. But ones work, passion and worth ethic. Thank you for sharing this :) Steem on...moon ride coming!

AWESOME!! @techblogger what an interesting, well-written post.


Always a pleasure to work with you!

@adsactly - Garcia is definitely aperson who shold be commended for his fine effort. In fact at $300 , this is something that could have a lot of potential for rural regions in developing or underdeveloped countries where electricity is still a luxury and powerlines aren't freely available or affordable by the rural dwellers.

Hope this catches on outside Puerto Rico too, more power to Garcia!

@techblogger thanks for the enlightenment, @adsactly thanks for posting quality contents. Kudos to Garcia on his exploits in the field of renewable energy. It's not a small achievement . The Oil elitist would do any thing including backdoor negotiations with the government not to adopt the clean renewable energy solutions because it is going to affect their cash flow irrespective of the fate of the planet in regards to pollution and extinctions of endangered species . It's great the world has finally caught on to the idea of clean renewable energy.

all are artful as looking

What a guy. Very inspirational and really expresses that we are only defined by our limitations that we may or may not simply impose on ourselves.

I’m curious of the potential untapped energy that we can find everywhere! Not just being solar, but geothermal. If there is a way to tap into geothermal energy, as well as the gains we have made in solar - so many areas may be able to harness power and we can stride towards the self-sustaining forms of energies we envision.

this is so nice, I am thinking of doing something like this myself


Puerto Rico needs all the help the can get. I remember being in San Juan in 2015 and it was so beautiful. I remember seeing the photos and videos on the internet after the hurricane and it was so devastating. I was in all those places.

this will be so awesome in country like mine Nigeria its what we actually need due to too much power failure i am trilled "renewable energy" is awesome and i like the powerwall. my advise @adsactly after you are done in puerto rico visit Nigeria and please contact me when coming, it will be a pleasure to meeting with you. i should resteem this

You are absolutely right.
Renewable energy is the future
because it is cheap and pollution free.
Thanks dear @adsactly for writing this very important article.

good post thanks for sharing post

This is great technology..
May i resteem?
Kindly upvote

Really great

it only takes a few men to make greatest changes, we should all be environmentally friendly for the future of humanity's sake..great post

very good article gl

🤝 good news 😊

Now we know how to save the world from pollution great post thank you

Right. We should use renewable energy because its pollution free


renewable energy may help partial decentralisation of the energy grid... like internet to information, torrents to downloading, cryptos to... 😝

Free vote for you :)

There is a lot of opportunity at the renewable energy level, but that does not benefit the wallet of a minority in power.

nice info sir keep it up

This is an amazing opportunity to create lasting change in the world. @adsactly

Renewabel energy is the need of today and future because the demand of energy is increasing day by day especially here in pakisan we are in shorage of energy. Renewable energy is the solution.please keep posting such informative posts.

Thanks for the amazing info..


Yeah that's right, Renewable Energy is future because it's pollution free and cheap :)

Wow! what an amazing man, he should be an inspiration to us all. The world needs more people like Garcia.

Garcia has a heart of gold and a very positive mindset is so incredible he is able to create something very useful

thanks for sharing!

Puerto Rico set targets for renewables years back that it has failed to reach. Its recovery from Maria has not been well-coordinated between federal and local government agencies, community groups, businesses and others. Those factors don’t bode well for making the island a model quickly, experts say. They are doing a great job in this field and it will such a big step towards.

Thats great!! save the world from entropy

this is an amazing......

wow @adsactly,this is such an amazing article,very informative and enlightening...speaking about mr garcia and his work in relation to the question asked,i think he is doing a great job.the world needs to embrace this as it is cost effective nd nt detrimental to human health in that it is pollution free...a country like nigeria needs this as it would deliver her citizens from the hands of monopolistic power companies and their exploitations....once again it is such a great piece....should u b in contact with mr gracia in person,please tell him he has great opportunities in nigeria

Inverter or solar are used for power here in Nigeria (Africa) because we are not having 24/7 electricity power supply.. thanks for sharing

Jehu Yehu Garcia from Puerto Rico is indeed the innovator of which is called the "king of renewable energy". I would call him a modern populist in the field of clean energy.
Before that, I had never heard of the firewall and its purpose. He has an excellent and correct purpose, and this is due to one of the ways of charging, charging from solar batteries and. This technology can rightly be called the technology of the future planet.
Already today we see how a growing proportion of people who prefer clean and renewable energy and thanks to this we are accelerating by the time when the whole world will think differently.
But on the other side are those to whom it is still not profitable - oil tycoons. They are ready to waste time in every way, in order to be able to pump out as much oil as possible and earn as much money as possible.
But I'm sure that it will not last long and soon the era of clean energy is waiting for us
Thank you, interesting article, I liked it

Inovasi sangat bagus untuk kehidupan masa depan

That's great !!! Save the world !

Two things are the future renewable energy and cryptocurency. Good job

Perhaps Tesla should push some money/resources into this project . . . a little would go a long way, a lot could be revolutionary.

Renewable energy is the future for us an for our kids.
We need to create a safe and clean source of energy that is not polluting the environment and this guy is coming closer and closer to this goal props for that guy

Garcia's heart is really that of gold. if one man can reach out to 30 families. the government can do be better. renewable energy is relief, is the way forward. As water is life, electricity brings innovation and development

renewable energy is very good concept for our environment and our health.this is valuable post for me. @adsactly

Brillant post i must admit.
Great work sir

i just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative you are

doing great ,,If you are interested in cryptocurrency visit my steemit

for more information @reewy ,, and thank you again for your great


"The device represented an impressive step forward in alternative energy technology, but it started at $3,000 and could only store 10 KWh of electricity, or about a third the average American household consumes in a day"
This is a good project and bery kind of Garcia's.

Interesting information. Renewable energy is the real deal.

Nice content...lovely info....lovely post...

This man is actually making name for himeself and puerto rico......@techblogger thanks for sharing this with us.....for the inspiration and the information cos i think renewable energy is the way forward in all nation and society...becauses its actually cheap and does not cause pollution..
@techblogger...thanks for the information

Right. We should use renewable energy because its pollution free and the cost is too low.

There are very rare people like gracia. He has a heart of gold with really a positive mindset...

this post very nice..and great technology..thanks for sharing this post..

I like it

Nothing can't stop pure and noble heart. Thank you for sharing

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please upvote me...

Really admire these efforts.
Big up for posting this.

Keep in mind that running a 12V system can in some cases,
be way more efficient & cheaper than having a 220V (or 110V).

Just eliminating the need for an inverter saves a significant
amount of cash, energy....and so on...

Besides of that, running 12V reduces the installation & maintenance costs
as the safety issues are easier dealt with.

Check this for more info:

excellent very interesting post

Your every art looking very nice........ Thank you......

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very interesting
great job
he's what you mentioned, fast increase
thanks for sharing

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very good news... good luck!

That guy has been around for a while and featured on many programs, glad you are able to reuse the content and make some money off of it.

que bien para un desarrollo mejor ecologico

Great to hear! Will be going to Puerto Rico and other places to help make things better.

that's great

Good informative post, man! I would love to follow you. I am also trying to write some post in technology. I will be really glad , if you can get sometimes to read my post. I am really new here and would love to learn from experts like you. Any kind of suggestion will be much appreciated.


Just keep working hard, improving your grammar and writing style and publishing quality well written articles with high attention to detail and proper sourcing. Steemit needs good writers, they will be rewarded!


thank you for the suggestion. I will try my best to do that!

We have some renewable energy from this info.

tesla good .

very good beatiful tecnoloji :)

upvote if you love steemit :)

Great guy,I like to have small effect to help PR there people who still have no power. How and who I have to contact with,I like to help a bid as I can. We may team up to help more people in our end

I have ideal to build batteries packs used old li-ion batteries for way cheaper,may only cost 30 each pack instead 300 USD each. Then more people will be benefit form them. If anyone out there have ideal or willing to help,please contact me

Good one by Garcia..! Great impact
We would love to see more of this all around the world..!

Importance of Renewable energy
√ Renewable
√ Inexhausrible
√ Sustainable
√ Non-polluting

Lets enjoy the world of Renewbke energy

sustainable energy that doesnt need the banks whaaaaa o we have to do it ourselves...

the renewable energy is the future, it is the salvation before the glonal contimacion

Are they signing up the sites they build for #solarcoin? That would also give residents a chance to earn some money from their panels. Easy to do -

great post bro, you content is very rich. keep it up

We decided a few weeks ago to take Tesla roof tiles this year. (Of course, the car): D Your roof stores energy and provides us completely independent of the others. At the same time, you can charge your car. And the investment is also very manageable! Considering that in reality so little is done for renewable energy!

Very interesting article, but it could be much more interesting if you give some technical details about his project of alternative energy. I will look for more information about Garcia's project. Well done!

may be i reasteam your post because i liked in your post