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It seems it's not that important that genetic engineering (GMO) is kinda like Pandora's box.
Once a new mutation is in the wild, we can't get it back in the box.

GMO involves many many new mutated life forms that have never existed before.
The long term effects and second and third and etc. generations may show defects that aren't apparent until it's too late.
And there are many current problems that the GMO advocates don't want to be discussed.

Did Monsanto's Terminator Gene indirectly cause deaths in India?

Is the increased Roundup exposure to many GMO foods good or bad for growing children?

Is it possible for the bacteria gene inserted into some GMO plants that produces pesticide become established in human gut bacteria producing pesticide right in our guts?

What's the real reason the GMO companies spend millions to stop the labeling of GMO foods so that people have a choice if they want their children to eat GMO or not?

There are too many unanswered questions.
Are we really knowledgeable enough about the complex biology of mutated life forms to be releasing them into the natural ecosystem and feeding them to our growing children and grandchildren and future generations?

I think you are talking in another direction away from this point of view. The bone of contention is the positive effects on Technology in Agriculture and how it has solved some crucial food security issues. The good thing is, there is always the negative side to everything!..

Now i will advice you make a post on GMO before i do😊 because it is a very appealing topic and trust me people are gonna love it, so promise you gonna make an interesting post on it and i am gonna support you full steem. It is a very sensitive and brilliant idea @point, thanks for the heads up.