Scientists say to stay away from this trunk

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লঙ্কা.jpgRed chops Looks like a sweet-filled fruit. But there is a serious danger hidden within him. And the danger is that doctors' doctors prohibiting ammonia to eat this trick named 'Carolina Ripper'.

Because some of these symptoms appear in the body of the food. The name of the physician named, 'Thunderstorm Headache'.

Scientists say that one of the world's most scary combinations is the Carolina Ripper. Last year, a 34-year-old young man took part in a truncation competition in Paris. He had a Caroline riper ate. Since then, he started suffering from various physical illnesses.

Including, nausea, fever, stomach ache, nervous problems etc.

Experts in the care of the young man said, "We have been surprised by the research for almost two years. Once this scalp can safely damage your health. So we request everyone, everyone should stay away from this trick. '



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