Introducing Simina Grigoriu - DJane from Romania

in #technofriday11 months ago

Heute mal wieder eine Intro: DJ's from around the World, es musste Rumänieren sein und ich bin begeistert, danke an @alexvan für den Tipp dieser Dame, de ich hätte kennen sollen :-)!

Time for some new introductions

This time for Dance Weekend I thought of some acts from a lovely country in Europe: Romania. Thanks to @alexvan and the inspiration of @twinner I was able to stay away of my mainstream favorites such als Alexandra Stand or Inna but got directed to a great DJane that seems to be related to a known German DJ from the Kalkbrenner dynasty - sure my friend @andyjaypowell knows her in person?

Some of her productions above that surprised me indeed, great deep bass tunes with melody but not too commercial - I am impressed and surprised that I missed here, watch a live gig over the roofs of Berlin first, followed by a great club performance:

Her sounds - Acid and Techno?

As some of you know I am not a fan of niching any style to a certain genre, to me Simina plays exactly the sounds that make me dance, I hear Techno, with elements of Acid, Trance and a lil beat House - I enjoy it in a nutshell, do you know her @edje ?

Simina - some facts or an apology

I tried to find out a bit more - ashamed I never met her before, so this lady is not only an attractive lady that some folks might think are promoted only as of her looking, not at all, she is definitely a great DJ and producer what you can judge from her productions and live gigs:

Seeing her live proves she has the talent and knows how to use these turntables to create what I call "Klangteppich" in German. But now back to some facts I had to research, shame shame on me!

Ok - Simina is not only from Romania, she is a Romanian-Candian "mix" married to a known German DJ, hence her official last name is "Kalkbrenner" - you may like this or not but you for sure love her music. While mix is not entirely true, Simina was born in Romania and due to political madness under a certain leader he parent did the refugee way towards Canada where she grew up being 3 years old and learned her way into life and also to music, she even studied some similar marketing stuff like myself and somehow got to know Paul, married him and since then lives in Germany - for sure I will try to meet her in person soon.

For the Germans - Deutsch

Ana Simina Grigoriu, verheiratete Kalkbrenner, ist eine rumänisch-kanadische DJ und Musikproduzentin aus Toronto, die seit 2008 in Berlin lebt und elektronische Techno-Musik produziert.

To end this post please be impressed by a special set especially for a guy called "Kalkbrenner" haha, not going into any detail but isn't she a great lady!??

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