The Great Reset is (atleast) months in progress.

in #technocracylast month


The sad fact that so many people don’t notice this happening, or think it’s a good thing, is proof positive that the mass brainwashing of society – at the hands of the “education” system, mainstream media, and the culture industry – has been a resounding success.

Massive changes like this don’t just happen... they are carefully planned, along with the triggering events which are used to justify them. The goal is a complete re-engineering of governance, away from 20th century Western style democracy, and into a technocratic global authoritarian tyranny.

To serious students of history who are capable of independent study and thought, it’s been obvious for decades that this is what globalist oligarchs have been planning. Their plans accelerated in the wake of 9/11, then dramatically accelerated again this year with the Covid plandemic, suddenly becoming far more obvious than ever before... yet millions of highly “educated” and otherwise intelligent people STILL can’t see where we’re being led, who’s behind it, or what the ultimate goal is. Incredible.

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