DJ Rush - Teasing Techno Acts (music and more inside)

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Today I go back to my days I fell in love with Techno. Amongst so many artists I discovered back then, there was also DJ Rush (real name: Isaiah Major). A very special DJ, producer and person to me! Unlike most techno artists back in the days, this guy loved to entertain the people on the dance floor while playing. His posture, mimics and interactions with the public is massively friendly and teasing, while his sets are quite aggressive. Many times he would also dress up in such a way he could be heading to some musical, or theater, adding to the entertainment factor.

He started out in House, and that is what you can hear in his techno productions as well. Although it is hard - some people call it Schranz but it for sure is not - It has funk! It has feeling! It is just amazing!

The album I share with you is a mix of his own productions and released under the brand U60311, a famous techno club in Frankfurt am Main (Germany); a place where Techno had its home in late 90s and early 20s.

  • Artist: DJ Rush
  • Album: U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol. 2 pt2
  • Year: 2002

A great way to start a weekend of party!


DJ Rush - U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol. 2 pt2 (2002)


10 Untitled Tracks

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what a nice music i realy listen it sir

Oh, Rush and big Germany outdoor hard tech parties....

Nice music like it!!!

Excellent my friend - I just posted some Techno made in Ukraine

Will have a look immediately!