Techno Friday | Techno News: Hadone Edition

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As someone wisely said once: Friday without Techno is a wasted Friday, you can always count on your favorite bunch of Raving Foxes, official techno news provider for our blockchain. In this episode we would like to guide you through the newest and hottest brain-melting releases and repeatable motive of great Hadone wrapped around all of them.

Regal - Ego Wars [BPX006]



We had to wait more than a year for the newest EP from eclectic Spanish acid techno killer Gabriel Cassina, known better as Regal. But now he is back, pissed more than ever, throwing mad EP straight in our faces. On 12" wax we can find a heavy package of four big room pounders. Musically he is taking us on intensive trip somewhere between trance and fast techno. Our favorite is opening Ego Wars with amazing promo videoclip (special credits to Slugos) and Fuck Making Love. Remix from Hadone is quite interesting too, as well as recent actions from mentioned Frenchman. Check'n'joy below!

Regal - Ego Wars [BPX006]

Regal - Fuck Making Love [BPX006]

VA - Body Changes Are Natural [MTY002]


Paris-based DJ & producer Anetha just dropped the second release on her fresh label Mama Told Ya, which through the idea of collaboration as a creative medium aims to challenge artists and encourage to opening themselves for something new. Label Mama Told Ya can be understand as a common land for creative minds to connect and explore diversity flowing from the different corners of the techno scene. Each project has two different artists with a collaborative track each with Anetha and a track of their own. For this release, she has invited Danish rising star Niki Istrefi and already mentioned above Hadone. Copenhagen finest and uber-productive Frenchman have made their job insanely amazing and without any doubts we can see a strong candidate for TOP10 2020 here. Bangers Below!

Niki Istrefi & Anetha - One More Cartoon, Please [MTY002]

Hadone & Anetha - 4pm Snacks [MTY002]

Viper Diva ‎– Born To Be Slytherin [SAIKE01]


A year after debut on Shlømo's label Taapion, Jérémy Bonnet aka king of the pandemic crisis aka king of this topic aka Hadone, once again teams up with him, but this time to create together their most exciting project called Viper Diva. Epoch fusion between two French masterminds aims for a clear vision of delivery an extraordinary, mind-crushing, timeless sounds for ultimate dancefloor smash and they are on the best path to achieve it. Searching for the best three words possibly able to describe and define style of this groundbreaking and majestic project, the most sophisticated AI is suggesting: thrusty, anthemic, techno. Unique documentary about project and the most representative tunes below.

24H avec Viper Diva | Sinners Magazine Documentary

Viper Diva - Born to Be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix) [SAIKE01]

Viper Diva - Cold Heart Prediction [SAIKE01]

Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing and raving in your bedrooms mentally with us. Every kind of feedback, support and collaboration is always welcome. Please let us know in comment section which release you enjoyed the most. As always there is also a SBD reward for a person who will share his favorite, but unknown for the rest of us, track from mentioned artists.

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SAIKE, source:

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Dance Weekends by @uwelang




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