Christmas gift ideas - An external battery all mimi of 10000mAh

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Who said that everything that is mimi is necessarily small? Here is an external battery all cute, but very powerful! It offers a capacity of 10 000mAh in an original form: a bear! This external battery is proposed by a site that includes lots of Christmas gift ideas original!


I rarely do an unboxing for this kind of products, but it must be said that the packaging of the Solove external battery is rather successful! The product is delivered in a very clean white cardboard:

Inside, we find a black box, a real little box!

Inside the black case, everything is still very neat. The external battery is protected by a plastic and we also find a layer with a hieroglyph ^^

On the little black box you can read 'I wish I will see you again. Seem like love meet the beauty. 'It's all cute.

In the black box there is a USB-micro-USB cable and a small cord that can be attached to the external battery for hanging on a bag for example. There is also a small cotton pouch to carry the battery without damaging it. It's not too cute?

At the back of the battery there are 3 outlets: one to charge the battery and two to connect accessories. With a capacity of 10,000mAh it is possible to charge more than 3x a Nokia 8, or more than 8x a Nokia 3310 (2017).

Some pictures of the product

As I told you in the introduction to my article, this battery can perfectly serve as a small decorative object. The style is sleek, and on a desk it's just perfect

As far as the convenience of the battery itself is concerned, it should be noted that LEDs on the back flash during charging to indicate the level. It is also possible to display the level at any time, by simply pressing below the bear (a power button is used to display the LEDs).

For my part I will leave it at the office and just take it away when I have a party and I'm afraid of being a little righteous; this allows me to decorate my workspace a bit and always keep my external battery at hand (and within sight). I just have to think about bringing a cable UB Type C because the cable provided and Micro USB, too bad !!

This battery is really nice, I am happy to have discovered the site! They have some accessories for smartphones that are original, but also a panoply of other gadgets (unicorn mug, world scratch card, magnetic beads, ...). I invite you to take a look!


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