Google Drops "Don't Be Evil" And Fixes My Search Anomaly

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The Burning Man theme this year is "I, Robot". That is no doubt fortuitous for Alphabet, the Burner-founded corporation that is now worth three quarters of a trillion dollars. They have acquired scores of robotics and artificial intelligence companies to assist in their mission of organizing the world's data (and advertising).

Screenshot 2018-05-22 14.42.50

Billionaire Burner Sergey Brin says "Burning Man is Davos With Clothes".

Billionaire Burner Larry Page says "we need more Temporary Autonomous Zones where normal rules don't apply like Burning Man so we can do experiments".

The "Google Guys" added the Burning Man logo to their home page to indicate that they were shutting down for a week to go to the Playa. They formally created their company immediately after the 1998 Burning Man event.

google doodle

The theme that year was The Nebulous Entity, about a giant search engine made of skulls and bones connected to all the worlds' data that played military propaganda and pornography. Seriously.

Nebulous-Entity-BM-98 Image: Michael Christian

I had to dig through the Burning Man archives in the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley to find this, from "Building Burning Man Winter/Spring 1998":

“The nebulous entity coincides with a penumbral eclipse at 2:14am. Nebulae culture is entirely information based. During the course of their evolution the Nebulans have genetically merged with a technology that is designed to gather information. The Nebulous entity, therefore, represents a fusion of technology and organic form. One may think of it as a gigantic search engine. The Nebulans themselves are a part of this engine, and as integrated members of a living machine, they share a hive mind"

More at drfriendlytv [NB: this has been scrubbed from the Internet so much that even on the Wayback machine it appears invisible at first glance. Highlight the text at the bottom to read it]

Google famously hired Billionaire Burner Eric Schmidt to be their CEO because he was the only one of 50+ candidates who had been to Burning Man.

eric-schmidt-further-future-mirror-vest Pentagon Adviser and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt in an outfit designed to protect him from laser snipers at Further Future festival in Nevada

Eric Schmidt announced last December that he's stepping down as chairman [to spend more time at festivals?] He still will be overseeing deep learning, urban development, and healthcare, not to mention being in charge of innovation at the Pentagon.

This decade, Google are big into robots. Like, "we own the #1 and #2 man-bot companies in the world" big and "our operating system is called Android" into it. Last year they sold 1.2 billion Android phones.

Everyone was so creeped out by Boston Dynamics, their subsidiary that was the military's #1 robot supplier, that they were forced to sell the guts of their Replicant division to the Japanese. Guess we know who won the Kuratas fight (see Burners Inspire the New Fight Club).

Google have just announced that they are finally removing all trace of their motto "Don't Be Evil". Their new motto? Don't be conservative. Just kidding - but there's truth in every joke.

I find their unabashed embrace of evil rather ironic since right now Google got me mixed up with a Satanist. Here's what they say when asked about me:

Screenshot 2018-05-22 14.35.22

The person pictured is clearly Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan which, ironically again, began right at the edge of the Presidio military base in San Francisco - just like Burning Man. I discuss this in my series Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon - the Shadow History of Burners. Google could not have got it more wrong.

I have been using Google's products for almost 20 years now. I must have uploaded thousands of photos that their Picasa software ran facial recognition on, not to mention every selfie taken on an Android device over the years. A Google image search for my name brings up pictures of me. My gmail account has my picture on it every time I look at it. So are we really supposed to believe that after all their Artificial Intelligence and Robotics purchases, all their machine learning and big data and pattern recognition, Google/Alphabet (agencies)'s artilect is so stupid that it can't tell the difference between me, alive and using their platform every day, and Anton Lavey, who has been dead since before Google was born?

Perhaps this was a petty swipe, a sign that the Google gangsters are not impressed by my work connecting them to the black magick cult side of Silicon Valley. Maybe they were still pissed about that time in 2011 I helped Shopcity (now Presearch) stand up to them with their Federal Trade Commission antitrust complaint.

We get it Google. "Don't be evil" was too hard, you read all our emails and have metadata on all our history and you came from intelligence agencies and you want to be a third of our brains and you just can't help it: you want to be evil. How can any of us stop you? The least you could do is sort your system out. Don't be calling good people evil, at the same time you are telling the world that you are the arbiter of all that is truth. Don't tell us you're fighting #fakenews when we have you here caught red-handed spreading misinformation for political reasons.

google skynet

Hey, don't worry, Sophia is a Saudi citizen and they just let women drive. The Washington Post is already employing robot journalists, one wrote 850 articles last year. Robots will get driving licenses (provided they have insurance) and pay taxes when they take your job. The company that Google sold a bunch of their scary robots to says robots will outnumber humans in 30 years. Not to worry, though. We will be able to mate with them and have offspring. Google spun off their Eye In the Sky satelllites in favor of launching solar powered balloons, and now they can be evil all they want. #irobot - Everyone is welcome, even the robots. So long as they buy a ticket.

[Update 5/23/18 8:30am]

They fixed it! Thanks Google...I guess. Maybe their artilect is learning that good is a better path than evil.

Check out @An0nKn0wledge's coverage of this story at Activist Post, he also discusses Project MAVEN where Google is providing the ability to identify people and objects to SkyNet, I mean DARPA.

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Damn! This is Rich. But Google mixing the image of LeVey could be seen as a badge of Honor. It means SOMEONE in there want's to get at you... and if that's the case, then it means you're probably doing something right. It's good to have enemies, it means you stand for something. If Google is your Enemy then Stand TALL Bruv!



Thanks @frankbacon, I took it that way at first. My wife didn't see it quite the same. Anyway they fixed it now so maybe they're not my enemy!



THEY are most certainly your enemy Bruv!


Eric Schmidt and the Clintons...

Great post, Steve! I think I'll start reading my copy of I, Robot now. Hadn't gotten to it yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Google is like the federal reserve.

They would suicide with a knife in the kitchen.

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